Top home décor trends for 2020

Interior fashions don’t move quite as quickly as the world of fashion, but each season and year does see the arrival of trends and the departure of others. Home décor trends tend to stay around for a little longer than clothing fashions on the high street, which is good news for your pocket.

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All things green

If you want to be really up-to-date and on trend with your interiors, colour house Pantone has named Greenery as their colour of the year. It’s a fresh green that is the colour of new spring growth. Green is a calm, uplifting colour that is a good choice for sitting rooms or kitchens. Green is also a very good choice for offices as it is thought to improve productivity and morale.

At home, add a splash of green with cushions, glassware, or bunches of flowers. You can always bring in some real greenery in the form of plants. Office spaces will benefit from a few potted plants, especially if the view out the window is of buildings rather than trees or other greenery. A view of greenery, whether it’s a garden outside your window or a shelf of potted plants, has a positive impact on your mood, even speeding up recovery times for patients in hospital.

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Home decor is not only about fabrics, as it is about technology as well.  Home owners are installing new wifi systems, surround sounds, gaming software and even getting a TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham company through sites such as to come in to put in bigger aerials as there are much more options when it comes to streaming channels. 
Natural materials

Natural materials and surfaces are big news. Marble has been very fashionable in recent years, for example. Wood is one of those perpetual trends, so if you’re looking to buy furniture, wood is the go-to material. Endlessly versatile, durable and elegant, wooden furniture is always a good investment, whether it’s new, antique, upcycled or bespoke, like a sideboard for your sitting room or bespoke commercial desks for your office.

While the initial cost of commissioning is greater than “off the peg”, the high-quality construction of items built to your exact requirements will last for many, many years.

Green is not the only colour

Pastel pink and blue continue to be popular, and if you don’t fancy Pantone’s Greenery, Dulux named Denim Drift their colour of 2020.  This is the greyish blue of well-washed denim. Strong jewel colours are also fashionable if you like your colours to be a bit richer and more vibrant. You can add colour on the walls with paint or wallpaper or introduce it with soft furnishings.

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