Better optimise your website for SEO with these Seven signs

 Most businesses have a website; however, some of these websites do not benefit the business. This is because they are not optimised for SEO, meaning that the website ranks low on search engine results pages and most users do not see it.

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If you want to get better results from your website, it is likely that you need an SEO boost. A proffesional Belfast SEO company found a site like  will give you these seven tips you need to better optimise your website for SEO. What have you got to lose.

Your URLs are not SEO friendly

Every URL on your website should contain a relevant keyword; however, many URLs are just a jumble of letters and numbers. Safari Digital, a London SEO Company, reminds us that every URL on your website should contain a relevant keyword; however, too many URLs are just a jumble of letters and numbers. This is bad, as the search engines cannot read the nonsensical URL and subsequently cannot rank it as well as a URL containing a relevant keyword.

Your website is not optimised for mobiles

According to the Telegraph, mobile web users have overtaken desktop users; therefore, a significant proportion of your users are checking out your website on a mobile device. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your website works just as well on mobile devices.

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Your users have a bad experience

Your website may look flashy, but many users will soon leave if it is difficult to navigate. You can fix this by designing your website with the user experience in mind.

You have multiple homepages

You should only have one homepage, which should be accessible from every page on your website. Multiple homepages will confuse search engine bots.

There are slow loading times

Internet users want quick results; therefore, many of them will leave your website if the pages load too slowly.

Your competitors rank higher than you

If your competitors rank higher in the search results than you, you will be losing customers to them. You can raise your ranking by including keywords in your page titles, content, URLs and meta description.

You do not get organic leads

Check out your website traffic to see whether you are getting any organic leads. If you are not generating much organic traffic, it is likely that search engine bots are pushing your website down the ranking, indicating that your website is not optimised for SEO.


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