5 Key Tips for Caring for a Commercial Oven

Your commercial oven is a business investment, essential to the day-to-day efficiency of your retail catering business. It makes sense to spend time ensuring that it is properly cleaned and maintained. A dirty oven effects food quality and impacts efficiency, while a complete oven breakdown could result in lost business and additional costs. This is why Italian Restaurant Dublin way have also invested in wood fired ovens that cook food evenly and even make the food taste homely.

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Clean Your Commercial Oven

It might be necessary to clean your oven several times a day to ensure that grease and food don’t build up. Food spillages continue to cook in your oven and release the smell of burnt food rather than something appetising. Spills also reduce oven temperature and affect cooking times. Cleaning spills immediately is an easier job than when it has burnt on.  This is why the staff at italian restaurants in dublin kitchen have a cleaning rota that allows the equipment to spotless every day.

Use a mild detergent to wash the interior of your commercial oven at the end of every business day.

Safeguard the Oven Door

The hinges on commercial oven doors are usually strong enough to support a lot of weight but they do wear out. You should avoid leaving heavy baking trays on the door to preserve its swing mechanism and ensure it continues to close properly. Check the seal regularly to prevent the escape of heat, which can contribute to higher energy bills.

Use Your Oven’s Owner Manual

Each brand of commercial oven has its own specific set of maintenance needs. Use your owner’s manual to check for the practises that will extend the life of your oven. Combination, Conveyor, Convection and Pizza Deck ovens, each have unique parts that require daily maintenance and regular cleaning. The fan on most convection ovens, for instance, needs its oil replaced on an annual basis. ManualsOnline hosts a large range of oven manuals online.

Use Authorised Service Agents

A manufacturer-authorised agent will be familiar with your oven brand and have minor parts to hand for quick repairs. According to one BBC article, when something goes wrong, an independent repairer will require information from the manufacturer to diagnose the fault. Authorised agents save you both time and money.

Consider Your Oven’s Resale Value

In the event that you decide to change or upgrade your commercial kitchen equipment, you could get a good price for an oven in pristine condition.

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