How to prevent slips and trips at home

Slips and trips can cause lots of problems, especially for those with limited mobility or those of older age. It is one of the leading causes of fractures and broken bones in the elderly. There are a number of ways that you can support people in these positions and help prevent slips and trips at home.

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Support – there are lots of Support Worker Jobs Gloucester that are available on that all help support individuals with personal care and mobility. If you or a family needs some support throughout the day it is worth looking for this kind of help, even if it is only for an hour or so a day. Getting washed and dressed in the mornings is a common time for slips and trips to occur, so you may want morning and evening support.

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Equipment – as well as having individuals that can support you, there are also pieces of safety equipment that can support you as well. These are items such as grab rails and seats that can be used in the shower. There are also items that can help with mobility such as walking sticks and frames.

Time – make sure that you or your family member has enough time to get themselves from one place to another. Rushing can be a big cause of slips and trips and you become less aware of the items around you.

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