What are Mock Tudor buildings?

When it comes to home and architecture design, it seems that we love the old and the past above the new. Given the choice, most of us would go for a mock Tudor look over a modernist brutalist design. It’s why the style continues to persist in modern estates. You will always find one or two included in the plans to break up the general style of buildings being put up. This breaks up the uniformity.  What exactly is the Mock Tudor style?  It’s something that Mogford Prescott, a Building Contractors Bristol based company know all about.

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It’s unlikely that you would want to live in an actual Tudor house. For the most part, they didn’t have central heating, double glazing or any furnishings and amenities. However, the frontage is still quite attractive. It features Oak beams, whitewashed walls, and a picturesque olde worlde look about it.

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The reason we love this design is twofold. In one sense they remind us of the past, of supposedly better days and an imagined past of peace and tranquility. It also gives a sense of heritage and tradition. On the other, they are a successful design that has worked for centuries and makes the home look good. It remains a popular addition to a home and is going to continue as a style that we shall see cropping up in our estates as either an odd addition or as a whole set of buildings.

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