What are the Different Types of Spaghetti?

If you’re looking to learn more about Italian food, you might be wondering about the different types of pasta available. Spaghetti is a type of pasta and it is generally cylindrical and made from flour, semolina, and water. There are a few different types of spaghetti, but most of them have the same basic ingredient: flour. The next type of spaghetti is called spaghettoni, and it’s thicker than the traditional spaghetti. Its length is also the same as traditional spaghetti, though it can be extra long or thick. Spaghettoni is sometimes referred to as flattened spaghetti.

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Another type of pasta is ditalini. Ditalini means “little worms” in Italian. Stelline, also known as tube pasta, are shaped like little stubby tubes and also known as short macaroni. It is usually cooked in under five minutes. Long ribbon-cut pastas are also often lumped into the spaghetti category. They have many variations and are often paired with sauces or pesto. Spaghetti is typically medium density, while capellini is thin strands. Despite the differences in appearance, both pastas are popular for preparing pasta dishes. When you want Italian restaurants in Dublin, consider www.forno500.ie

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Cappelletti is another common type of spaghetti. It’s thin, but it’s filled with cheese or other fillings in a little pocket and shaped like a hat. Fettuccine, on the other hand, is slightly wider and flatter. There’s another type of flat, ribbon-like spaghetti called tagliatelle. Regardless of your preferred type of pasta, there’s sure to be a dish that’s perfect for it.

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