What men’s fashion personality types are there?

Ever wondered what your type of personality does to your fashion sense? Its been shown that how we dress is indicative of the person beneath the clothes and vice versa. It might seem a strange thing at first thought, but if you give it some consideration it makes a lot of sense.  If its true that colours match and reflect our personality why can’t it also be true of the clothes being an indicator of who we are, or who we’d like to be.

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First impressions and the natural ability to categorise who a person is by their appearance are innately built into the human being. It’s the only way we’ve been able to survive. We are genetically programmed to recognise threats and dangers, friend or foe. The ability to do this has not changed much since our prehistory past. We can see that early humans soon began to dress in a certain way to distinguish themselves from others or to show that they belonged to a specific group.

What are the style personalities? Are some descriptions with a few famous examples. First is the subtle sophisticate.  This is a style that conveys an effortless power and quiet dominance. The subtle sophisticate will glide into the room with a purpose. They will be suited, in something of a dark and muted colour and the shirt and tie, if worn, will match it. Examples to draw on here are Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter from Suits, James Bond and Morpheus from the Matrix.

On the flip side, we have the Daring Dramatic. These wearers of style go for everything that is colourful and “in your face”.  They want to be noticed and to impress you with flooding of the senses. So much colour and pattern convey confidence and possibly arrogance (but not necessarily). Puffy Daddy Sean Coombes and Harry Styles are prime examples of this style.

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The Natural is the close cousin of the Subtle Sophisticate. They can just wear anything and, as Tim Gunn would say, Make it work. It can be pretty annoying to find someone who is a natural. They like the soft lines and gentle colours, not that they can’t make those look good either. The two best examples of this are Tom Hiddlestone and Owen Wilson, especially their considerable wordplay in the recent TV show Loki.

The Inspired artist is the close brother of the Daring Dramatic. However, the big difference is that the Inspired artist will also work in bright colours and add in vintage touches. This gives them a bohemian feel. They will look out for old and aged pieces deliberately. Examples of this are Johnny Depp and Noel Fielding (although Noel is also prepared to go completely left field at any given point).

The final category is the Elegant charmer.  These will combine a more rustic style but still look smartly turned out. They are the type that will look at using ejmenswear.com to get some Tommy Hilfiger Menswear to kit them out. Tom Hardy and his co Star Chris Pine are the best examples of this.

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