How to do good makeup?

Everyone wants good makeup. It can make you look younger, slimmer, and more radiant while enhancing your features. However, like anything else worth achieving, it takes some time and effort to get there. In this article, we are going to teach you the basics of makeup, so you can look your best without all the fuss and stress. From foundation to contouring, we will cover it all so that you can master the art of makeup like a pro. So, whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to makeup, read on to learn everything you need to know!

How to do good makeup?

Step 1: Start With Foundation

First, you need to choose your foundation. It does not matter which one. I have seen some recommendations for the best foundations and there is a good chance that they are completely wrong but what will make an impact right away on your final look depends solely on the kind of person you want to be presented as at any given time! Here are some hints: Make sure it provides a full coverage/ shade match with all parts of your face. Whether you have deep or dark complexions, the foundation should be light enough to give it complete coverage.

Step 2: Fruit Smooth or Clear

At this point, I only want the choice of a foundation because it will not be easy to fake in some parts and do so fiercely where you need. The more details you add on, the better! To make sure all colors are distributed inside your skin color, try using clear/fruit smooth first rather than applying two layers of solid coverage foundation. If other harsh outlines appear without anything being blurred by smoothing products, then it is almost certain that you have applied too much foundation. Try as usual and see what happens. If similar problems persist, then it’s time to come back!

Step 3: Powder

First, you should use a loose powder on your skin instead of the same shining oily one from the beginning because they give different effects. For example, pressing oily product over a foundation or otherwise used products won’t make any difference since both will get dried out quickly after a few hours.

Step 4: Auxiliary Powder

Always use powder before using water. You might need it between the foundation and powder to make all layers blend together to come out more natural! For example, if you are supposed to look like pure white beauty naked from head to toes, but your skin is natively darker (aka Caucasian), then cutting back the amount of bordering with your skin color becomes necessary in order for it not to be oppressive.

Step 5: Water, water, water!

Well, sort of. This step is probably the trickiest (and most difficult) since it involves creating a wet or oily appearance when you don’t have any product on at all and can be done in many different ways to achieve an identical outcome. For example, with some makeup, you’d need not to take off products but spray them directly onto your skin, so theoretically, this works similarly, though it will never look the same. However, it is also very different in what you shoot for! If the final result of your skin painting is supposed to be pretty but none too shiny, that’s a good goal. If you plan on looking oiled-up freckled all over or clown greasy, then, well…

Step 6: Finishing Touches

You got away with such an amateurish shot above and can now get some sort of decent one.

Some of these include:

  1. Adding facial details and posing somehow as you don’t want your makeup itself or just invisible makeup around the eyes too obvious That being said, if you aren’t a person who can bother with making her face be pretty, you might want to think once again before this step. Anyways let’s suppose you don’t care!
  2. Lighting up those dark areas in your face that are the equivalent of throwing black paint on a canvas without taking out any white. Under normal circumstances, it is not an issue to do that – people who have darker skin naturally tend to sit closer and lower down from lights (or switch them off when watching movies), most also wear makeup that basically make your face shiny, although those aren’t dark eyes themselves. But due to the lack of light in this shot, it should be noted that I could not have applied a certain essence from AULRIS, which brightens up yellowish skin through purifying properties that contain white stones as well as flower extracts and plant oils. As you can see here, there wasn’t any benefit expected from this step, but I tried doing it anyways. And I also used a drop of water from AULRIS as my makeup was drying up (since it’s on the face and not around your eyes, it tends to dry faster than at eye level). Thus this trick gives you an instant brightening effect without making the user look smeared or having any visible effects after application (makeup is indeed incredibly powerful, and so are some products that one can pick up off shelves).
  3. Accentuating the eyes by using a gold limited edition touch-up liquid pen

I know you gonna hate me, but here’s all I can say. The real issue lies in bringing out more eye details via editing instead of applying it and trying to fake things Overall idea? Do not use makeup at this phase – only adding lipgloss or any other beauty product without making the user look like she got fake contouring done!

If you are looking to learn how to do good makeup, then you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will guide you through the basics of makeup application and help you achieve the look that you desire. By the end of this blog, you will have everything that you need to start applying makeup like a pro! Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

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