Business for young mothers: how to make a decree

In the decree, the woman not only understands what the happiness of motherhood is but also often passes through rather difficult tests. In addition to the tremendous responsibility that the young mothers brings, moods can spoil the lack of money, a monotonous routine, longing for the feeling of being in demand by a specialist. In this case, the decrees have the opportunity to earn and realize themselves, without depriving their family of attention. We offer you business ideas, the most popular among young mothers.

Video courses for young mothersyoung mothers

This type of work in the decree is suitable for women who have some practical talent. For example, they know perfectly well the different methods of winding slings, amazingly knit booties or are able to beautifully pack gifts.

Remove a few training videos, a couple of them download to YouTube and give a link to your page on the Internet. If the user is interested in the rest of your videos, then he will receive them for a fee. In addition, on your page you will be able to place advertising links to other sites, whose owners will pay you for it, pouring their finances into your business.

Keep a blog!young mothers

In a similar way, bloggers make money. If you are well versed in a topic and you have ideas that will be of interest to a wide audience – this business is for you. Now it is not necessary to create your own site, there are many ready-made hosting, paid or free. Register your blog and start filling it with content: interesting articles, photos or videos. You will start earning when your page attracts a large number of regular readers. Place your sponsored links in your blog, and the owners of other sites will pay you for it.

You can talk about anything – about the upbringing of kids, about solving problems with a child’s dream. You can blog about recipes or beadwork. Your main task is to make the idea interesting to a large number of Internet users.

If you do not have thoughts about what you could disclose, try yourself in a decree as a site administrator, moderator or content manager. The first and second are engaged in the promotion of resources or groups in social networks. In order to master this business, you will need to view a few video lessons and then find your customers. Content managers are responsible for filling out websites or blogs. Such work does not take much time, and if you “lead” several clients at once, it can bring you a good monthly income.

Copyright, rewriteyoung mothers

Copywriters and re -airers are just people who create content for websites or blogs, that is, they write articles on a given topic to order. If you know how to correctly and concisely express your thoughts, this work is just for you! To start, you need to register at one of the copyright exchanges, take an order there, which one you like, and execute it on time. Starting from scratch, you will earn about 100 rubles for 2 pages of text, but soon your income will grow at times. Professional articles are highly valued, so if you are a builder, lawyer or doctor, you can easily receive decent amounts in a decree, spending about three hours a day at the computer. The undoubted advantage of this underworking is that it is easy to deal with at home, combining professional activities and farming. Keep reading How to determine the shape of the face?

Freelanceyoung mothers

Some professional skills allow mothers to work in the decree remotely. Freelancers (that is, people who work for themselves, carrying out orders of customers at home) can become:

  • teachers;
  • engineers;
  • designers;
  • advertising specialists;
  • journalists;
  • accountants;

It’s good if my mother already has a client base. If not, do not worry! “Spin” this business can even from scratch. Customers can easily be found on specialized exchanges on the Internet.

Various consultationsyoung mothers

Among young mothers, the following areas of business are particularly popular:

  • consultant on natural feeding;
  • the teacher of a foreign language;
  • psychologist;

Being engaged in one of these directions of activity, it is possible to communicate with clients both personally, and, for example, on Skype. Keep reading Fashion for pregnant women -the most fashionable clothes for future mothers

To become an expert in the first of the proposed areas, it is easiest to join the Association of Natural Counseling Consultants. So you get rid of the possible attacks of competitors and problems with taxes. Professionals need to have a two-year experience of breastfeeding and be ready to go to clients at home.

To become a slinggokonsultant, it’s also easier to join a community. There are many options. Most popular is the League of Sling Consultants. To the performers, consisting of groups, the clients have more confidence; and my mother will find support there, will be able to resolve legal issues related to business.

Ladies who know a foreign language well can try themselves as a teacher. Those who have the profession of a psychologist organize paid consultations online. These services are now very popular, so there is no problem with finding customers.

Hobby in quality of workyoung mothers

Creative moms can try to monetize their talents. It is very pleasant to be engaged in a hobby, for creation distracting from routine, moreover and to receive for its money. You can sell ready-made things on the Internet on websites like “Fair of Masters” or on your social network page. In the latter case, you will additionally need to engage in advertising.

In the decree, women knit children’s things with knitting needles or crochet; quite quickly you can master the technique of making rugs, handbags, hats. Come up with interesting color combinations, use accessories, and your products will surely find new owners.

There are a lot of things that you can make with your own hands and for which people are ready to pay: bouquets of sweets and toys, felt products, author’s soap, decorative gingerbread, costume jewelry and much more. Perhaps you will come up with some unusual idea about what else you can do in a decree.

Also mum can earn additionally, creating cakes to order. On any site or in the appropriate groups in social networks, there are usually ads about finding partners – those people who will be baking. To start a career in the confectionery business, it is enough to discover a love for cooking. At first, you will be trusted by simple orders; with the increase in skill will increase and your earnings.

If you want to organize such a business yourself, first thoroughly study the work of competitors to avoid mistakes that almost all beginners allow.

Nannies and governessesyoung mothers

This, perhaps, is the most obvious way to earn extra money for a woman in a decree. Many mothers are required to leave their baby for several hours once or twice a week. Some look for an assistant who will only walk with their baby or take the older child from school. In these cases, it is quite possible to combine the work of a nanny and watch over your own baby. The payment of such labor starts from 100 rubles per hour and further depends on the age of the child and your qualification.


Young mothers used to be those early children are a cross on a career. Like, if a woman gives birth in 18 years, then she has no time to study and there is no need to dream of a brilliant future. Our heroines refute the popular opinion – they are all successful women, although they gave birth, being very young. Taking advantage of these ideas, you can diversify your everyday life, realized not only as a hostess, wife, and mother but also as a specialist or a creative person. In addition, it is always nice to have additional income, which you can fulfill your small desires.



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