20 Fringe Earrings Ideal For Summer: The Purchases Of The Week

The fringe earrings have already become a must have of the season. For the summer they are ideal, since it is possible to choose proposals full of color. If you walk by any store you can check how this type of accessories reigns over everything.

Today we will see a myriad of options for those who love this to use fringe earrings in all its versions. We will visit brands such as Zara, Mango, Parfois, Uterqüe or H & M. In all these stores the accessories of this style are very cool. The best thing is that these earrings are usually quite cheap and allow us to combine them with many outfits.



fringe earringsIf we move to Zara, the fringe earrings are a reality. We are going to see three different and ideal options. And you can buy them in the online store. The first ones are my favorites. These are maxi earrings, in yellow tones, that combine crochet with long fringes.

fringe earringsZara goes a little further and also proposes to turn the famous fringe into long metallic chains. And if you are one of those who love black, you can choose some earrings with beads in more neutral tones.


fringe earringsAmong all the fringe earrings of Uterqüe I have to keep these fan-shaped fringe rings. The green and yellow tones are perfect for summer.

fringe earringsBut this brand does not stop there, the long tassels of black fringes can become the most elegant bet. And what better than turquoise tones combined with coral for summer? The options are endless.

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fringe earringsMango is the online store where I have found the most fringe earrings. One of favorites are these maxi earrings that combine black and white.

fringe earringsHowever, the options offered by Mango to succeed with this trend are many. In addition, many of them are available in a wide range of colors.


fringe earrings fringe earringsFringe earrings by Parfois are the cheapest you will find. So if you want a low cost option this is your store. You can bet on color and risk with these accessories. Or resort to more sophisticated complements with XL earrings in more neutral tones.

5) IN H & M

fringe earrings fringe earringsFinally, let’s review the options offered by H & M to get us fringed earrings this summer. Undoubtedly, XXL earrings with large tassels are ideal. But, it is also possible to find different accessories, in which the color reigns.

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