What Is Lap Siding And What Are The Different Styles?

Homeowners who want siding for the home will be faced with a myriad of choices. How to choose the best one will depend on a number of factors related to the house and the reasons you want to install siding cary nc in the first place.

One of the most common options that many consumers rely on is lap siding. It’s a form of siding where evenly sized planks are installed against the house in an overlapping manner. There are a wide range of styles on the market, from clapboard siding to fiber cement lap siding and each has its own pros and cons. The decision you make as to the style of lap siding you ultimately install can be made after you consider some of the more popular options side by side.

We’re going to do that for you now by spotlighting some of the more widely used styles that can be applied to the exterior of just about any size and architectural style of property.

Clapboard Siding

This type of siding is known by a variety of different names including horizontal lap or dutch lap. But no matter what you choose to call it, this siding can be every effective for reducing the potential for water damage from excess moisture due to heavy precipitation.

The way it does this is how it’s installed against the exterior of the home, with the planks placed horizontally in an overlapping pattern to provide a watertight seal around the home.

Rustic Lap

You’ll find a wide array of wood lap siding options from which to choose, but for those homes that want to maintain a rustic aesthetic to their rural surroundings, you may want to go with rustic lap siding. There are a few different styles of rustic lap siding, some in which the wood boards do not overlap, but instead lay flat on the wall to give the appearance of an old log cabin, others are installed in the same overlapping manner as other popular styles.

Fiber Cement Lap Siding

If you are seeking out a style of siding that provides a traditional wood aesthetic with a versatility of multiple colors and stains, with a level of protection that makes the siding ideal for fighting off pest infestations and the same moisture absorption that can threaten to cause significant water damage to the outside of the home. It’s also a great choice for reducing the effects of direct sunlight on the outside of your home.

But why is it called fiber cement lap siding if these planks are also made of wood? It’s due to their level of durability and resilience that gives the siding a similar resistance to the elements as you would find with fiber cement.

Shiplap Siding

Not all lap siding has to overlap, some of it can be installed side by side instead. Such is the case with shiplap siding, a style that hasn’t been used all that often in the last couple of decades, but its efficacy and clean aesthetic have made it more popular as of late. This style is not just good for use along the exterior of the house but inside the home as well.

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