What Is The ROI For Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Homeowners who are considering cabinet refinishing austin tx may have many questions. The most prevalent among them is often centered around return of investment or ROI. While many consumers don’t refinish kitchen cabinets solely because they plan to resell the home, it’s a good idea to know what you might expect to get if you do ultimately decide to sell.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a refinish job isn’t really a full-scale remodel of the kitchen. In fact, many homeowners will decide to focus solely on their kitchen cabinets as a way to update or refresh a tired old kitchen without spending a significant amount of money.

Even better, you might decide to do the work yourself instead of paying a professional to do the job for you. This can have an even greater impact on your return on investment, but only if you are confident in your ability to do a professional looking job. Nothing brings down the value of a house faster than shoddy workmanship in any part of a home.

So, you need to be absolutely sure you can do the work to meet the standard of your potential buyers.

What Buyers Want

Every buyer is different, of course, but some things are essential. Buyers want new, they want their kitchen to look like a model kitchen that’s been staged for perfection. But you’re not planning on paying that kind of money to have the kitchen completely redone.

But if you are going to refinish your cabinets you can expect the kitchen to get that brand new look without making everything brand new. Sure, the cabinets are getting the makeover but with so much space in the room devoted to your cabinetry, it’s only natural to expect that your kitchen will appear dramatically different.

Cabinets have the ability to project the appearance of a whole new kitchen just by refinishing them. However, you do need to first determine whether or not they are a good candidate for a refinish. That means examining them for functionality and damage. If the doors aren’t operating properly, the drawers aren’t opening and closing all the way, or there are any cracks or broken components in the boxes, you will need to repair them before you start work or even replace the cabinets if they are too far gone.

Your Return on Investment

Every kitchen refinishing job is different. Depending on the materials you decide to work with in your kitchen, the extent of the job, and whether you decide to do the work yourself or hire a contractor to it for you, the cost of the project will fluctuate greatly.

But, according to recent studies into kitchen improvement projects, the average return on investment you can expect to get on a kitchen cabinet refinishing job is about 70%. Not bad considering you’ve upgraded the most popular room in the house and the one place that buyers are going to check out first when they come to the home to take a look.

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