What Are the Top WordPress Pricing Plans in 2020?

Still can’t decide what plan you’ll choose for your WordPress website? Did you get overwhelmed with tons of information, various providers, and what type of program is best suitable for your startup business? Or are you looking for an upgrade to accommodate the growing traffic generated by your website?

First, you have to pause and identify what you need then set your goals. Determine your current budget or financial capabilities when it comes to building a substantial digital presence through a dynamic and high-end website.

The trick is, you need to set your target and identify what your current needs are. If you are looking for the most reliable, top-rated, and ideal website plan, Mangomatter did a good job reviewing the best ones suitable for your needs and offering top recommendations to simplify your hunt. They also provided guides and honest insights of the top-rated hosting solutions for every type of website.

Top-Rated WordPress Pricing Plan

WordPress is the most popular platform in building the most dynamic website available on the world wide web. Over 33% of websites across the globe are created in the platform alone. Top-tier sites people visit every second is WordPress supported. Every web hosting service offers multiple pricing plans to help every digital entrepreneur set up their websites easily through WordPress.

With this, many companies provide various plans suitable for WordPress, and this is where the complication starts. Which plan is best for WordPress? Which one should you use if you are creating one?

The confusion arises the moment you check for a web host provider yet with a reliable hosting service, achieving your goals is more straightforward. The most common types of WordPress solutions affect your site’s needs and vary per individual or business preferences. While the most rated and favourite pricing plans are:

  • Shared hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Reseller web hosting can be the right choice, especially if you are building an eCommerce biz. Shared web hosting is suitable for startup and small websites and personal blogs. Managed hosting, on the other side, is best suited for large sites that expect a massive amount of generated traffic. You can also opt for fully hosted WP plans that can be pricey and best suitable for established businesses and websites with a substantial digital presence.

While every type of plan varies for features they provide, their pricing plan is also affected. Shared hosting is cheaper and is the best choice if you’re starting. Once you’ve established your digital space and surpass your previous traffic target, you can opt for an upgrade which will require an additional fee but indeed a great decision to keep your website in full speed and performance.

Best Types Of WordPress Plan

There are four types of WordPress plans to choose from (the free plan is excluded) to help you build your digital presence. Here’s a quick look at what to expect with these WordPress pricing plans.

  • Personal

A personal plan is ideal for personal use which enables you to add more personality with your website through a custom domain. You have access to their live and email technical support should you need assistance with your website.

  • 6 GB storage space
  • Custom domain and personalize website name
  • Eliminates WordPress.com ads
  • It enables audio file uploads
  • Live and chat support accessibility.
  • Premium

This plan is ideal for freelancers who want to create a unique website that comes with advanced software, tools, Google Analytics report, and custom CSS.

  • 13 GB storage space
  • Add your custom CSS
  • Google Analytics usage
  • Premium theme access
  • Monetize website through ads
  • Uploads video and audio files
  • All Personal plan features are available
  • Business

For small and startup businesses, this plan is suitable for you as it powers your business with custom plugins and themes, 24/7 live chat, and 200 GB storage space.

  • SEO tools
  • 200 GB storage space
  • Premium plan features included
  • Third-Party usability services like codes, themes, plugins, and Google AdSense
  • 24/7 live technical assistance
  • eCommerce

If you are planning to launch your digital store with a robust and flexible platform that is designed to grow with your business, then this plan is for you.

  • Storefront Powerpack
  • Accept payments around the globe (60+ countries)
  • WooCommerce extensions (premium)
  • Business plan features included
  • 20 GB storage space
  • Premium Storefront child-theme access
  • Top-rated shipping carrier integrations
  • Quick-start sessions (2 free) plus Happy Engineers on how to start with your site

How Do You Select A WordPress Plan For Your Business

The best way to choose the perfect WordPress plan is to determine your target goal and financial status. If you are starting to explore with digital marketing and the likes, building your online presence starts with a website. There are top-rated and crowd-favourite web hosting providers to help you achieve your goal without breaking the bank.

  • Once you have reached your initial goal and generated enough traffic, you can upgrade your hosting plan or better yet, choose a suitable plan based on your budget. Shared hosting allows you to initially set up your blog, digital store, small business, and more.
  • Furthermore, if you are already an established business that wants to compete, managed hosting solutions are an excellent choice. Every hosting plan is strategically designed to cater to every website’s demands.


A website is a vital element that helps you build a substantial digital presence. With the right WordPress plan and hosting server, you can instantly achieve your goals. All you have to do is identify what you need and your financial capabilities, and you can easily find the perfect suitable solutions for your preferences.

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