What Are the Three Stages of Brand Building?

Building a brand doesn’t just happen overnight. There are many factors that count towards creating a unique brand voice that speaks to a particular market. So what are the three stages of brand building?

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1. Creation

You may be an entrepreneur who thinks up an idea, knowing that it is going to be an immediate hit with your audience. And while you may be right on point, you need to ensure that you think about your brand image before racing too far ahead. For instance, who exactly are your customers? What is your core philosophy? What makes you different from your competitors?

Meanwhile, an important part of creating your brand is to set your sights on the visual elements of your marketing strategy and therefore come up with things like a logo, colours and so on. If you aren’t confident looking at these areas yourself, then why not consult a brand strategy agency such as https://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/marketing-and-strategic-development-services/brand-strategy-agency/ and use their expert knowledge?

2. Characterisation

Once you have your ideas cemented, now is time to push forward with the characterisation of your brand. By this, we mean that you need to create a whole identity – personality, even – which shouldn’t be hard as your business is probably like a baby to you already. So make your brand human and give it values and opinions and work out how to get these messages through to your audience intuitively.

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3. Communication

Finally, communication is, of course, key to any marketing campaign in this modern world.

While social media has really taken off in the last decade, with so many new apps being used by brands to their potential, it is important to figure out which channels best suit your own brand and maximise use of these platforms rather than wasting your energy on others. For example, for some, websites are simply not essential and don’t attract the clientele that the business is after, yet Facebook pages might be the ones that really seal the deal (particularly those selling a service where they can constantly post up-to-date images of work completed at the click of a button).

We hope this information helps you get the motivation you need to build your brand and see the successes that come from your hard work behind the scenes. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

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