Top Ethical Hacking Course Online: Perfect for Beginners

Their career options out of which ethical Hacking is one of the most underrated options. Underrated because every organization demands and Ethical Hacker, but they don’t find many. This means not many people are interested in becoming an Ethical Hacker.

To become an Ethical Hacker, you have to gain CEH Certification, CISPP Certification, CISA Certification, i.e… Cyber security-related courses.

This is understood, because why not?

Suppose you couldn’t achieve any validation for whatever the knowledge and skills you possess regarding Hacking. And without validation by means certification, you won’t get this job.

Hacking is a process in which a hacker could easily penetrate into any wide variety of systems, with the help of malicious virus programs.

Such hackers who try to exploit or ruin any system by using malicious programs are called black hat hackers.

Organizations across the globe are very cautious about their information, while they have to deal with these notorious hackers. The activities of these hackers have left these organizations with no choice but to hire hackers in return to encounter such malicious activities.

It is perfect for encountering hackers by utilizing hackers. This where Ethical Hackers come in, the Ethical Hackers of white hat hackers, are also hackers, but they are trained to use their hacking practices against black hat hackers all across the globe. If you are also enthusiastic about becoming an Ethics Hacker, then you have to do certain courses to learn a programming language, code, encryption, virus programs, and protection for the same, and in short, you have to learn each and everything, that a hacker could do. You have to act like a hacker, you have wired your brain like a hacker, and most importantly, you have to think like hackers to beat them in their own game.

Some of the best Ethical Hacking Course

We have brought to you some of the best online courses meant for Ethical Hacking. If you also want to learn about such course, then let’s jump into the list of best online Ethical Hacker courses:¬†

  1. EH Academy

The EH Academy is an impressive online platform that is dedicated to providing online Ethical Hacking courses to completely novice Ethical Hacking enthusiasts. It provides online class and tutorials which encourages an individual to learn about systems like Linux and Windows with ease.

While it will also provide you with tutorials, in which the instructors will help you to set up Nmap, and these instructors will also teach you about Metasploit tools. There are courses available for every level of expertise on this website. And the best part of this website is that if you couldn’t understand any part of a video tutorial, you could ask your doubts in the comments section of the video, where there will be instructors ready to help you out.

The course depends upon the level of an individual, and the course fee ranges from $50-$200. It is recommended for you to have a good internet connection.

  1. Cybrary

In this online course, you will learn Hacking by using Python Programming Language, you will learn how to stop buffer overflow, in here as a beginner you will also learn how to test the vulnerability, and you will deeply understand about buffer overflow.

You will get one fully sufficient 3hours video to learn these things, and you will also need to have prior coding experience in the past to learn it.

If you don’t know much about Cybrary, then let us tell you about it. The Cybrary is a completely free hacking course platform, you can go through video tutorials and learn all about Hacking, but if you want to get a certification of white hat hacking, then only you have to pay $99 per month and work through the course to get the certification.

  1. Offensive Security

If you want to dig more into the Metasploit tools, Offensive Security should be your choice as this website is dedicated to teaching you everything about Metasploit tools. This website seems to be the library of Hacking, here you can learn a wide variety of subjects related to Hacking and different specialities.

In order to work well with this website, you need to have a good network, Hypervisor, at least ten GB of space, Kali Linux, and there are other requirements that you will come to know when you visit the website.


Ethical Hacking is indeed a course that you can learn to protect an organization’s data, and you need to spend some time in understanding the same. Learning such things will help you to push your career to another level. So, stay sharp and keep learning.

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