How to Select the Proper Safety Glasses

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You already know why or when you should wear protective eyewear. However, just like a safety equipment harness it is also important to know what type of eyewear you should wear in a particular situation.

Just because your protective eyewear can keep your eyes safe from UV rays and anything that may injure it does not mean that you are good to go. There are specific eyewear and safety eyeglasses for certain conditions and particular needs.

You need to remember these essential steps in choosing the proper eyewear:

Make sure that the eyewear has ANSI Z87.1 certification

Eyewear with this certification can protect your eyes from non-ionising radiation, liquid splash exposure, and impact. ANSI Z87.1 is a workplace standard; it can also be used as safety eyewear during recreation and at home.

Understand the safety hazards

These hazards include any potential risks or dangers that are lurking around and could hit you anytime. These risks are in the form of high and low-velocity impacts, dust, chemicals, heat, and optical radiation. Protective eyewear with different features exists, protecting the eyes from each of these risks. So always know the safety hazards around your workplace and check the eyewear if it suits your situation.

Check the activities

You must know the specific activities you are going to be involved in. Know the common hazards, and then buy the particular eyewear that suits your activity and the dangers that come with it. Some purchase multiple pairs of safety glasses or convertible eyewear. On the other hand, other jobs, such as laser technicians and welders, need special protection. However, standard protective eyewear is enough for most people’s needs.

Check other options

You can get the optimal function of the eyewear for a specific situation by choosing the right option. Having the right combination of options based on what you need will fully protect your eyes from all the hazards around you.

Consider these options when buying safety eyewear:

  • Lens tints– Each lens tint has a specific purpose. The options range from a clear lens suitable for typical working conditions to grey for partly sunny indoor to a photochromic lens that gets darker in outdoor light. You can also buy eyewear with different lens tints.
  • Lens coating– This makes the eyewear more durable. The typical coatings feature Anti-fog and Anti-scratch. If you work in an area with high humidity and varying temperatures, then anti-fog is the best choice for you.
  • Fit, Function, and Fashion– Like other features for safety, you are more likely to buy eyewear that fits perfectly, functions well, and still looks fashionable. If you want to achieve fit, function, and fashion, you may choose some options like wraparound or typical frame styles and various colours. Safety glasses offer fashionable safety glasses that feature all of these plus protections.
  • Reading glasses– Most people over 40 can’t read without reading glasses. However, the need for safety glasses doesn’t stop when you are wearing your reading glasses. Safety reading glasses are also available for those who have a hard time reading due to poor eyesight and need protection at the same time.

Wearing protective eyewear in the wrong situation may cause discomfort rather than protection. Understanding the safety glasses’ different features will help you fully enjoy its benefits and keep your eyes well protected.

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