Top 10 Online Games for PC with Multiplayer

If you are a fan of online games then you know well that the offer exceeds the demand, or at least yours: the games available on the market are many and you will probably never have the opportunity to try them all. So we have prepared a list of top 10 online games titles and genres that have addicted hundreds of players and will probably do it with you.

Playing online will always be one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends, as well as meet new people with whom you share the passion for video games. That’s why we bring you a list with the top 10 online games for PC with multiplayer.

World of Warcraft

Top 10 Online Games

Choose your race and join the battle, for many, the best online game

This installment already has ten years since its inception, and remains one of the most important online games even to date.

Millions of subscribers continue to connect daily in the world of Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and Humans.

The best thing is that Blizzard keeps its servers always full of new expansions that allow its users to enjoy hours of fun online. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

Dota 2

Top 10 Online Games

Create the best tactic and become a programmer

In his original plans Valve wanted to make a modified map for nothing more and nothing less than Warcraft III.

The map was so successful that soon its designer would develop a sequel that is the favorite as far as multiplayer online platforms are concerned.

Dota 2 combines action and real time, which allows you to always be thinking of your strategy to beat the opponent.

Take your time learning the functions that you will find in the game and later that early you will be able to play like an expert.

Even if you are very good, you can participate in one of the tournaments that the game continues to organize.

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Top 10 Online Games

Enter 100, only one victorious

Epic Games has created a free game for PC and consoles that is sweeping since its launch.

In its story mode, you can collect resources during the day and at night you must fight against some fantastic beings that populate your city.

The most significant of this game is its online multiplayer mode, where 100 people enter the map and only one can be the winner.

Fortify your structures, fight against your opponents and perform a fun dance to be the champion of the map.

World of Tanks

Go up to your tank and start the battle

A multiplayer online game “free to play” that has become one of the current titles with more amount of income because of the micro transactions you can acquire.

Its concept is fun since it gives you the opportunity to manage your own tank in combat against other players, in addition to the maps that you get inside the game are amazing.

Upgrade your weaponry, customize your tank and win the battle. If your dream has always been to know how to pilot a tank, this is the game for you.

Eve Online

Top 10 Online Games

Navigate the galaxy aboard your own ship

Sci-fi lovers will find everything they’ve always wanted in this multiplayer game.

Cross between thousands of galaxies, complete missions, participate in special events, and much more, all on board the special ship that you yourself have personalized!

Join the millions of fans of intergalactic travel in this fun online platform and travel through unknown worlds without getting up off the couch.

Worms Reloaded

Top 10 Online Games

Action, weapons and worms

This fun game has a very simple theme, your team of worms must beat the team of worms of the opposite.

If you think that the premise is a small thing, do not be fooled, with this multiplayer online game you will not notice the time passing until it is too late.

The action happens in turns and be careful, you must act fast before the time runs out or you can give your rival an advantage.

To make your worm team the winner, you have a series of weapons and tools that will help you with your goal.

Do not trust much of the field of play, because it can also be destroyed by dropping one of your worms and removing one of your viscous soldiers.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Top 10 Online Games

The classic of shooters is back

This game was part of the lives of a number of young people around the world, and the best thing is that now you can play it online with thousands of people.

It is one of the classic multiplayer in terms of shooters and this edition will undoubtedly make you relive old times while you play.

Choose the best weapon and take care of your back, that the battle between teams is about to begin, now with better quality and many more weapon options than before. For a lot of the best online games in history.


Top 10 Online Games

Create a tactic that allows you to paint as much surface

This game is for the Wii U console. However, its online multiplayer gameplay is excellent. Battles for power are more fun and colorful with this delivery.

Keep in mind that your team, and the opponent, are made up of humanoid squids that shoot ink at their rivals with fabulous weapons and even giant rollers.

Your goal this time is not to kill any of your rivals, but to get the map to have the color of your team in greater quantity than the opposite.

League of Legends

Top 10 Online Games

The largest community of online players

Another online game that is free to play. Considered one of the best online multiplayer games that exists.

Its premise is similar to that of Dota, and there are even those who do not know how to choose which is better between the two since both have a very similar gameplay.

Millions of players connect daily to create tactics that allow them to be the fastest and most deadly team in real time, in addition to their great role playing.

Compete face to face against the adversary and enjoy the different battlefields that this constantly expanding game offers you. Of the best online games of today.


Top 10 Online Games

Let yourself be carried away by the adventure in this cubic world

This is an open-world online game that is very reminiscent of the Minecraft aesthetic.

In it you can embark on the adventure through different realms, where you will find treasures, missions, and of course enemies, from the largest to the smallest.

Combine the RPG game with constantly expanding worlds, so you’ll never get tired of exploring and creating with other players on the platform.


The best thing about this list of top 10 online games for PC is that you cannot only entertain yourself while you are alone, but at the same time you will have the possibility to play simultaneously with other players in real time. From this list of top 10 online games for PC, you will probably find in one of the fun you are looking for.

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