“Monster Hunter: World” – The return of the hunting saga also means the arrival of the first GOTY

Seldom do you start 2019 with one of the best games of the year, but the number of bombings that should come out in 2018 to take that gap from ‘Monster Hunter: World’ should be insane. Both in number and quality. The saga of Capcom returns in style, and does it with enough strength and power for us to ask ourselves why they had not done this before.

To all the good that could be said of the hunting franchise in its previous versions, now adds a visual and technical show that makes us vibrate even more, offering the sensation of hunting legendary beasts in a living environment. ‘Monster Hunter: World’ is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular and immersive experiences of this generation.

‘Monster Hunter: World’ – From a skeptical follower to a faithful defender

Monster Hunter: World

I tested the saga in its day in PS2, I did the same in PSP and I approached the versions for Nintendo Wii, 3DS and Wii U. I understood the grace of each one of those deliveries and, deep down, they had everything that I like, starting with the bicharracos and ending with the loot and the crafting of weapons and armor. However, for various reasons, they do not just hook me up.

Looking back, that disenchantment I attribute to its slow progress, the interminable times of loading between areas and that, deep down, were of that Japanese school of games with a lot of lyrics and few explanations.

Maybe because of that, the idea of westernizing and opening the franchise with “Monster Hunter: World” seemed tremendous on paper and, because they have polished all those rough edges, now I’m completely hooked.

Monster Hunter: World

I say it with sleep, with several nights of vice behind my back and some other adventure that you have already read here, but I do so aware that every minute spent in the game has been fantastic and has been completely worthwhile. Also knowing that, now without self-imposed marathons, the number of hours of play will not stop rising.

In fact, now comes the best of everything. There is the endgame, the challenges that are published online, the possibility of playing with friends and, of course, all those improvements and developments that still remain to be created in the forge. And that’s not to mention about starting to upload other weapons and armor for more versatility in the online game. Come on, if I want to be playing for months to ‘Monster Hunter: World’ I have more than enough reasons to do so. Just what I was waiting for.

What awaits us in ‘Monster Hunter: World’?

Monster Hunter: World

We are part of the 5th battalion, an expedition that has traveled to a new world in search of answers about the old dragons, legendary beasts that roam the Earth and that need to be studied or, if possible, captured. We mount our character with a complete editor, we do the same with our comrade Felyne (the cat) and we set course towards adventure.

Not without lack of problems during the journey, of course, but with some kinematics that come to the point and do not steal too much time. Soon we will arrive arriving at Astera, our initial base in the game and the starting point for almost everything we do when we are not with any mission.

There is the forge in which to take advantage of the materials obtained to create new weapons and armor, the botanical laboratory in which to harvest plants and other objects, the mission panel, those in charge of giving us secondary objectives, the gentleman who is improving the details of our book of beasts based on our research, the canteen in which to prepare dishes that enhance skills, the online meeting point and, of course, our house, a place to put the pets we go picking up there.

Monster Hunter: World

If at this stage of the film you feel overwhelmed, it’s normal, I just let loose a gale of information that the game is responsible for offering with a drip that works without haste but without pause. Each new mission will reveal new details about the how and why of each aspect of ‘Monster Hunter: World’, with brief and concise tutorials in text format that, if you jump by mistake (or craving), you can check again on the menu.

The key is that, within this the basic thing is to hunt bugs, little by little layers of depth are added that not only facilitate your task, they also broaden your objectives and give you new reasons to visit an area or look for an object in particular. In addition, either in very specific missions or expeditions where you have total freedom to walk around the scenes, the game gives you all the facilities to find what you are looking for. Be a three-meter dinosaur or a blue mushroom.

Hunting mechanics, the key to experience in ‘Monster Hunter: World’

Monster Hunter: World

Our great ally out there will be a group of fireflies that, as we progress through the stage, will point and mark all the objects of interest that surround us. Everything you find will appear on the side of the screen, so far from having to scan every corner, just take a look at the messages that appear to know what you have nearby. That or directly open the map and indicate what material we need, at which time the fireflies will fly away creating the shortest path to our goal.

In addition to objects of craft, harmless animals or small beasts, our luminous friends will be of great help to find the whereabouts of the great dams in the area, and is that despite their size may indicate otherwise, find them the first time it will not be so easy. To lighten that task we must look at all the clues that the fireflies are finding in our comings and goings, from a footprint in the mud to a scratch on the wall, but also others such as drool, nicks or feathers.

Monster Hunter: World

With each new discovery we will increase the level of research of the bug in question. Points that will be added to actions such as sighting, hunting or even falling into traps of the environment. The more research we have , the more data we will have about it, which will not only mean that we can tell the fireflies to start tracking them as soon as they reach a scenario, they will also open additional information such as possible weak points or which objects we can extract from each part of the monster.

Knowledge is power, and in ‘Monster Hunter: World’ that is a maxim that repeats itself over and over again. Where can the monster that you are looking for be, what will it do when it is in danger, how will it react when it is in the last, what part of the body should I attack to finish knocking it down … The best thing of all is that, far from being a game based on numbers or infinite pages of information, everything is presented in a very organic way, using a living ecosystem that offers many more details than you imagine during your first beating.

A day of hunting in ‘Monster Hunter: World’

Monster Hunter: World

In an ideal scenario, the thing would go something like this. Accept a hunting or capture mission and head towards the area where the monster is located. You know he is vulnerable to fire, so you enter the tent of your camp and equip yourself with a weapon that enjoys that element. For the armor and your amulet, you choose something that makes you less vulnerable to the ice attacks that have made it famous.

You also intend to capture it, not kill it, so you dive between a more than comfortable menu of objects to choose what you’ll carry in your backpack and what stays in the trunk. A network trap, an electric and several tranquilizing bombs, but also potions that enhance your armor and attack, will suit you well.

As there is still hollow, some additional objects in case you run out of the ones you have and want to replace them automatically with the crafting system.

And yes, by automatic I mean that if you have a two and you pick up another two there, they automatically join so that a four appears in your inventory. A fantastic idea and very well executed.

Monster Hunter: World


As you have already investigated that monster on several occasions, when you open the map you can see its logo walking through an area near the point of appearance you have chosen, so you tell your fireflies to mark the trip and you go there.

Along the way you are raping what you can, especially those objects that you have marked as desired to create an armor that you are riding. Each time you collect one, a message tells you what you have left to complete the necessary ones, so when you have them all, you can dedicate yourself to yours without distractions or having to be browsing menus.

Soon you come across the monster, you prepare yourself with the enhancing objects that you had on hand from the quick access wheel and … the mess. It is a giant iguana and, because of the craw that it has, it seems that it has just eaten another beast, so that weak point becomes your top priority.

You hit its throat again and again while your comrade (the cat), mounted on a bug that ran around there, will assist you based on blows to the monster and help for you, either in the form of life or with actions such as blinding to the enemy to stun it. The good news is that you should not be doing anything wrong because, after a few blows, the monster ends up throwing up its prey. The bad news is that she is now more agile and has you in her sights.

Monster Hunter: World

Without anyone expecting it, between blows and blows, an Anjanath appears, a kind of Tyrannosaurus that spits fire from its mouth. As the latter is a greater threat than you, both engage in a bestial fight. Meanwhile, you take the opportunity to sharpen your weapon encased in a cloak that makes you look like a plant, thus preventing you from becoming the next combat target.

Not just any fight, eye, but one taken from a kaijus movie in which the Anjanath takes its prey between its teeth and shakes it from side to side and then throws it against a log that is destroyed by the blow, which provokes that some lianas fall and the great saurian is trapped in them, thus giving a few seconds of respite to the iguana so that it can do what anybody would do in the same situation.

Fortunately the Anjanath has already done half of the work, so the iguana retreats to its nest visibly affected, full of bruises, scratches and limping. You were not prepared for the encounter with the compi with breath of fire, but for that moment, so you go ahead to get before her and, just where you plan to lie down to sleep to take a nap, you put an electric trap in which falls No problem.

Two tranquilizing bombs of which you are carrying are enough for you to finish groggy and, of course, also in your hands. The materials you receive from the feat will help you to improve your weapon and to hunt down your next prey. But the biggest prize has been, without a doubt, the show you just witnessed.

‘Monster Hunter: World’ A grind that is very comfortable

Monster Hunter

The amount of situations that you can live in any mission, however stupid it may seem, is proportional to the number of options you have to complete it, a number that grows even more when the challenge comes from more than one player with the same intentions.

It can be felt that Capcom wanted to create an experience as varied as possible and, considering that the number of monsters available will be limited (in the absence of temporary online events), it is something that is greatly appreciated.

In all these hours that I have with the game I have faced tremendously original challenges, but also others that focused on the same. Do you remember that bug? Well, if you go back to hunt and get one of its fangs, now your hammer will be able to fire.

The question is that, during the beta, I thought it was very clear that this give and take was going to end up getting tired sooner rather than later, but after trying the final version and facing the many challenges and goals that ‘Monster Hunter: World’ puts us on a tray, I must admit that I was wrong.

Not only have I repeated hunts because one way or another the game invited me to do them, it is also that I have embarked on combats for the mere fact of enjoying them. Because he just happened to be there for something else and, why deceive us, you cannot say no to humiliate the damned Anjanath in a fight where you know you have all the chance to win. In the worst case you take a handful of materials that you are sure you use for something, even if it is to merge them and get a scale of that other monster that is still resisting you.

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