Making Space in Your Home – To Move or to Build and Extend?

If you want to add some space to your home, then you have two options – buy a bigger home or add on an extension. Both come with their own pros and cons that it is worth exploring before you make the decision…

If you decide to move, then you will need to put your house on the market and sell. This is a process that many people find stressful, and also the property market is a little turbulent right now. However, something that is advantageous if you decide that you are going to go down this route is the fact that you can move straight into a home that is ready for you and has the space that you need, without having to go through the upheaval of the builders and the work being done.

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If you love the house and the area that you live in, building an extension may well be the best option for you. This way you get to stay there, and with the help of a professional like this residential architects London based company you can get the space that you want whilst in your current home.

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However, be aware that you will need to check that you can do what you want as building an extension is subject to planning laws in most cases, so it is worth looking into this. It may be something that you can discuss with your architect.

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