Five Signs you Have a Ghost in the House

As Halloween arrives, here are five of the things to look out for if you are wondering if your home has a ghost living in it…

Seeing things Move on their Own – Something that many poltergeists cases report is the sight of something moving of its own accord. It could just be sliding along a surface, or in some cases flying through the air.

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Strange Smells – When spirits are around many people report that they can smell distinctive scents. In some cases, it can be a perfume, often something favoured by the person when they were alive, or it could be something like tobacco smoke that is associated with someone who smoked when they were alive.

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Flickering Lights – Another thing commonly reported in hauntings is the flickering of electric lights. Of course, if this happens you should rule out any dangerous problems with the lighting by contacting a professional like this electrician Cheltenham based company to make sure your home is safe.

Strange Noises – Things that go bump in the night are often a part of a ghostly residence. Of course, houses can make many noises in the quiet of the night, common culprits include heating pipes and of course the wind. But sometimes sounds can be unexplained, like footsteps on the landing or voices.

Temperature Changes – Sometimes people know that they have a ghost present when they notice that there are unexplained areas of cold in a room.

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