Dancing with Mary Poppins up on the roof

Mary Poppins is a classic Disney film that has been loved by generations. Families of all ages have sat down through the years to watch the tale of a mysterious and magical Nanny who comes into the lives of the Banks family and helps the father to see how much family time he has been missing out, whilst he works to become the next in line to be appointed to the board of the bank that he has so lovingly worked at for years.

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There are lots of wonderful scenes in the film, but one, in particular, will impress Gloucester Roofers and all those that work at incredible heights. This is, of course, the scene where Bert visits the Banks household and gives their chimney a good sweep. Jane and Michael, of course, want to help him out with the task.

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In just a flash, all of them find themselves on the rooftops of some of London’s upper-class households. Whilst up there dancing with Mary Poppins, Bert’s chimney sweep friends all appear out of various chimneys, and an entire dance routine begins.

Step in time is one of the songs that people remember from the film, and the dance routine sees the chimney sweeps dancing on the roofs and hopping from chimney pot to chimney pot.

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