Should I choose a minimalist bedroom?

You don’t have to be a diehard minimalist to appreciate that some areas benefit greatly from a minimalist touch. It makes sense to keep the bedroom super simple so it can remain one of the calmest and most peaceful rooms of the house.

A bedroom is a personal refuge, so ideally you wouldn’t want it to be cluttered. An uncluttered space is also one that looks bigger. A bedroom should be an escape from the stress and chaos of daily existence, a place to rest and relax. This is why it should be kept as simple as possible. Here are some tips for creating a simple yet beautiful bedroom:

  1. Keep the furniture simple

Invest in a bed that’s luxurious and big enough possibly with a memory foam mattress, position a set of drawers or dresser and a bedside table. Ideally, this is the only furniture that should be placed in a minimalist bedroom. What about storage? Well, the best solution is to keep everything neatly stored away in a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors. For Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit a site like

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  1. Stick with light colours

Light, airy and open is the aim so keep bed linen, walls and shades in a light, neutral colour. This keeps things fresh and relaxing while giving off lots of positive energy.

  1. Black out blinds

As the bedroom is primarily a place to sleep, it can be helpful to block out the early rising and late setting summer sun, especially if you find it difficult to sleep. Try to keep electrical devices and blue light emitting screens to a minimum, if you must have them at all. Check this out selectblinds canada.

  1. Luxurious bedding

Don’t think that simple means cheap or lacking in comfort. Invest in high quality bamboo sheets that have a high thread count. A couple of different sets will suffice, you don’t need quantity, but definitely quality for a cool, comforting night’s sleep.

  1. Clear Floor

For that lovely uncluttered look and to avoid tripping over things in the dark, try to keep the floor space as free and uncluttered as possible. Apart from the bedroom furniture, stay on top of putting clothes and accessories away to create a spacious and positive feel.

  1. Art

A calming, gentle piece of art like a water or nature scene is a great addition. Something beautiful that you enjoy looking at but that doesn’t overwhelm the room is highly recommended.

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  1. Say no to digital

It might be impossible not to have a mobile with us in case of emergency, however, as far as possible the bedroom should be a digital-free zone. Say no to distracting and sleep-disturbing tablets, computers and/or televisions. The blue light that is emitted reduces levels of melatonin which helps us to sleep.

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