Sporting Activities on Holidays

Holidays are a time for relaxation and enjoyment. However, if you are adventurous minded, it is also the time for you to get on new sporting activities! The terrain that you visit decides the kind of sporting activity that you can take up or learn during the course of the holiday. In this article, you will find sporting activities that you can learn while you are on a holiday:

  • River Rafting: This is essentially done in mountainous regions on swift streams and rivers. It is a heady feeling to rush down the slide in a boat with gushing water. The Himalayan Rivers are perfect for river rafting, along with countries like Costa Rica and areas like Colorado and Montenegro. The sharper the turns on the river, the better the feeling!
  • Mountaineering: This is another sporting activity for the mountains. You have to learn to climb mountains and that is why rock climbing is another name that is given to this sport. The act of climbing rocks and reaching the summit is a thrilling experience and also an addiction for those who love the mountains.

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  • Skydiving: Skydiving is a sport that satisfies, to some extent, man’s desire to fly! When you take off from a plane and float in the sky, few experiences can match up to it! Skydive Arizona is the best skydiving point in the world. You have to be very careful about the expertise and facilities before taking the leap of faith.
  • Quad Biking. Is a high adrenaline low risk activity which can be great fun going through muddy fields or off road tracks. If you are an experienced rider or a novice you can have equally as much enjoyment. Scotland has some lovely countryside and Loch Lomond quad biking gives you an experience to remember for more information try sites like
  • Scuba Diving: Now we come to water sports during holidays. The first on this list is definitely scuba diving or deep sea diving. As the name says, you can explore the beauty of the oceans deep down. Scuba diving is particularly fascinating in coral areas like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Lakshadweep, and several other Pacific Islands.

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  • Skiing: For those who love ice, skiing is an addiction! Originally a sport to hunt animals, skiing is now the preferred holiday sporting activity for those who visit snow-capped areas. Skiing is an excellent recreational activity and is comparatively easier to learn. So, almost everyone can try it out!
  • Surfing: Not the internet, mind you! Over here we are referring to the ocean or sea surfing, that excellent sport of gliding over waves and experiencing the magic of being ‘water-borne’. Surfing is a popular sporting activity in Hawaii, Sri Lanka, USA and South Africa.
  • Wildlife Surveys: This sporting activity is for people who love the jungles and wild animals. You create a small group and go on a wildlife spotting safari. You can collect samples and exchange notes after these wildlife survey tours.
  • Desert Safari: There are many who love to travel through deserts in sturdy SUVs and revel in the heat of the desert. You can also try out sand skiing which is similar to ice skiing. The Middle East and the dunes of California and Michigan offer ample opportunities for Desert Safari.
  • Coastal Trekking: Love the calm of the ocean? Walk along the coastlines in the peace and tranquility of the oceans during your holidays. A very relaxing holiday sporting activity, coasting trekking is a favorite of many.


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