How to recover deleted contacts?

How to recover deleted contacts from phones with Android or iPhone systems? Contacts are known to be a very important part, especially for those who make calls, send emails, or Whatsapp.

It is so convenient that only a few remember the phone numbers by heart. This is usually not usually a problem, but without a doubt, that (when they are deleted or accidentally lost) if you do not know how to recover deleted contacts it can end up being an unfortunate situation.

How to recover deleted contacts on Android?recover deleted contacts

For those who use a smartphone with the Android system as their only contact book, they should not worry if they lose the phone or the sim card, because the phone book can be retrieved very quickly and easily.

Using a smart function integrated into GMAIL, which is called “How to recover the Gmail account”. All the numbers of the deleted contacts can be restored.

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How to recover the deleted numbers from the WhatsApp phonebook?

It is very likely that the configuration of the Android smartphone can go completely crazy or have changed it without realizing it and for that reason, the numbers cannot be found thinking that they are no longer.

But before thinking the worst, it is possible that the contacts of the Android smartphone are still on the agenda, only they are hidden. To verify that the contacts are still there, you must follow these steps:

Open the contacts application, press the menu in the upper right corner (where three vertical dots are seen), press “Show contacts” and finally select “All contacts”.

If “All Contacts” is not selected, this may very well be the solution, however, if all contacts have already been displayed, you have to try something else.

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How to recover deleted contacts with Gmail?

It sounds strange when it comes to looking for contacts in Gmail instead of on the phone. But since both services are linked, it is possible that what you are looking for is there. When you add contacts to the Android phone using a Google service. They are automatically synchronized with the online cloud servers. To recover the missing phones, you must access the web version of Google. And then in the upper right corner, you must select the “Contacts” application.

In the options on the left, click on “Change to the previous version”. It is important to know that the new version does not offer the possibility of restoring the contacts that were deleted.

Finally, you have the option to choose which backup you want to recover (if an hour, a day, a week, or more.). Click on “Restore” and it will reestablish that contacts in WhatsApp or in the agenda of the Android cell phone.

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Applications to restore deleted contacts without root

If you still cannot recover the deleted contacts from an Android’s sim card. There is the possibility of downloading the application, without being a root user from Google Play.

It is a good solution if it has not been long since contacts have been lost or deleted from the calendar or WhatsApp.

When the numbers have been removed for a long time, sometimes it doesn’t work as well. Although it’s always worth a try. The procedure to use this application is very fast and simple:

It is called “Deleted Contacts” and it is a free application specialized in everything that is the restoration of contacts for Android phones, and very very easy to use. Today recovery programs are very effective, perhaps even more than applications that are installed directly to the mobile phone.

They also have certain limitations and their full effectiveness cannot be assured.

“Dr. Fone ”is the other software specially designed to also recover deleted data from Android phones. It has a large number of recovery options and among them the one that most interests many, to recover deleted contacts.

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How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone?recover deleted contacts

Without a doubt, contacts are one of the most valuable things you have on a smartphone. So for those who have lost one or more contacts. They should not worry, because currently, Apple devices offer two options.

Simple solutions for those who want to recover the numbers that have been accidentally or voluntarily deleted from the phonebook or WhatsApp, and want to have them back again.

Everything can be solved without having to install any application, rather simply using iCloud. Keep reading: sites like Omegle 

How to recover deleted contacts using iCloud?recover deleted contacts

For those who lost or deleted them by mistake. They are configured to sync with iCloud by default, without them knowing. To recover them you can go to the settings, turn them off and on again. So that they can be synchronized again on the iPhone.

To retrieve contacts using iCloud, this is another very trustworthy method to recover all data from lost contacts. As well as other information: reminders, calendar events, and more. All of this comes directly from Apple and all you need is a computer, Apple ID, password, and a little time.

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