Engagement Rings 2018: Trends That Succeed This Season

They say that a diamond is forever and of that there is no doubt. This season the engagement rings 2018 are committed to current trends, which do not forget the tradition. Today we are going to analyze the different types of rings that are sweeping at the moment. The link of all of them are diamonds. There is only one thing that all engagement rings must have, diamonds. I have found a host of wonderful options, which will make brides hallucinate with their rings.

It is clear that diamonds are precious stones of great hardness and their price is not at all economic, although we can find diamond rings at fairly good prices today. One option is to resort to enhanced clarity diamonds. This type of precious stones have imperfections, which have been corrected artificially, being imperceptible to the naked eye.

Engagement Rings 2018The diamond enhanced clarity are much cheaper than untreated diamonds thus improved 0.70 can get for the price of 0.50 carats and 1 carat price of 0.70 carats. So betting on this option is a great idea. The small defects of the natural diamond can arise in its formation or, even, during the process of carving. Also, they say that only 1 of every 10,000 diamonds in the world is completely pure.

1) The Lonely Man

Engagement Rings 2018A solitaire ring is the most traditional in terms of engagement rings 2018, but it is still the favorite choice of many brides. This option bets for the simplicity of a single diamond, set in 4 or 6 claws, generally. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful and elegant proposals. No element takes center stage away from the center diamond.

2) Princess Cut and Cushion

Engagement Rings 2018The round shape is the leader in diamond cutting, almost 80% of all diamonds sold are round. The cushion and princess cuts are the most worn after the round cut. It is an evolution of the solitary. The peculiarity of these rings is that the central diamond is square, providing a much more modern touch to the piece of jewelry.

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3) Trilogy Ring

Engagement Rings 2018The trilogy or the past-present-future concept is another deeply rooted option. In this case, the ring has three diamonds, of different sizes, set in the central area of the piece.

4) Ring with Rail

Engagement Rings 2018Surely this type of rings you have seen a lot in recent years. The lane includes small diamonds or precious stones along the entire hoop or part of it. Among the main trends in this type of rings is to give priority to a diamond in the center of the ring, which will carry around a small lane with other finite diamonds set in it.

5) Halo Ring

Engagement Rings 2018Finally, an option that I really like is this one. The halo ring is characterized by including a diamond surrounded by smaller ones. This type of engagement rings bring a lot of light to the piece, making it look more luxurious.

Engagement Rings 2018I cannot finish talking about trends in engagement rings 2018 without mentioning the types of materials used. Nowadays, it seems that the white gold or platinum rings are the ones that have more followers, although the options in yellow gold, rose gold or aged gold are opening hollow. This happens because the vintage style rings are getting many brides in love. In this regard, the color and mixture of precious stones, such as sapphires, is a good idea to dazzle with your engagement ring.

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