Top 5 Places in the World for Sports Holidays

Sports tourism is becoming a popular activity nowadays. According to one study, sports tourism is responsible for 10% of the world tourism industry. To give you an idea about the extent of this trend, that’s equivalent to $800 billion.

Some tourists don’t just go for the usual tourist traps. Instead, they take traveling as an opportunity to visit different facilities offering their favorite sports. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or someone who plans to play a bit of tennis while on vacation, here are the top five best locations for a sports holiday.

#1 Algarve Golf Holiday

Located in the southernmost region of Portugal, Algarve, Portugal is a gem for a lot of tourists. This location is not only known for its beautiful beaches but also its superb golf resorts. Since the 1960s, this region has been developed to become a hotbed for golf enthusiasts.

Algarve golf holiday allows you to enjoy great golf resorts and spas for a good price. If you are the type who wants a luxury experience combined with a golf course loved by pros and hobbyists alike, this is the perfect location for your next vacation.

If you are a bit tight on your budget, you can enjoy a package for four nights and three games of golf for a little over €500. And not only that, the deals get better as you stay longer. They also have a variety of golf resorts that fit mid-range travelers to those who want only the best.

#2 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Located in Phuket, Thailand, you get the chance to enjoy sports and wellness while surrounded by beautiful beaches in a tropical country in South East Asia. Among popular activities in this location include cycling, triathlon, and running. Thanyapura also attracts yogis looking to relax and get rid of their daily stress as they do their poses on sandy beaches.

Thanyapura is also a preferred location by triathletes, swimmers, and runners that are trying to prepare for big events. Here, they get access to beautiful surroundings and facilities including restaurants, a spa, and a five-star hotel.

#3 Forte Village

Located in Sardinia, Italy, Forte Village is a resort complex that was established in 1970. A combination of clear waters and world-class personal training makes this resort village a popular option among different sports enthusiasts. Though there is a golf course nearby, Forte Village is predominantly popular to athletes that do water sports activities such as windsurfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and canoeing.

The catch is that most activities are only available from July to August. During Autumn to Winter, activities vary and are subject to change.

#4 Galo Resort

Located in Portugal, the award-winning Galo Resort is a popular destination for golfers. With two-championship level golf courses, it has attracted serious golfers who want to practice their swing in a protected marine reserve location.

Galo Resort is perfect at any given time of the year. With great weather all year round, water sports activities such as windsurfing and kayaking are popular in Galo Resort.

And not only that, the Ashoka Spa offers a luxurious experience for their visitors who want to unwind feel rejuvenated after. The Ashoka Ayurveda Cure Centre is the only Ayurveda center in Portugal. Here, you can experience ancient healing techniques from Asia. You can enjoy specialty massages and facials.

#5 Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

Located in Orasac, Croatia, Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is a fitness paradise for those who love doing different types of sports including football, a variety of water sports, and tennis. It is also located near the historic Old Town which is a World Heritage Site.

If you are done playing your sport or visiting the historical spots nearby, you can enjoy 15 restaurants and bars in the area offering exquisite food. Among the popular restaurants include Origano and Cilantro.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik also has an award-winning spa known for a great range of all-natural healing products. The spa is based on a holistic approach and everything you see in its menu is known for its luxurious experience. Among popular therapies include Spa Thermal ritual and Spa Body cocoon.

There are plenty of spots where sports enthusiasts can enjoy their respective sports and still manage to relax in beautiful locations. With the top five spots for sports holidays, these locations can give a whole new meaning to sports tourism.

Sebastian Miller

Sebastian Miller is an educator and semi-professional golf player who loves to spend his free time with Algarve golf tours as a player and as a teacher.

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