How to Date and Seduce a Gemini Woman

Gemini is the third spring sign of the Zodiac circle (from May 21 to June 20). The sun at this time shines in summer, the plants are lush with green foliage, nature pleases with bright colors. The representatives of the sign have the same nature – extraordinary, sunny, and changeable. The ruling planet Mercury is responsible for intelligence and communication. Its influence gives a Gemini the ability to quickly absorb a large amount of information. But this knowledge is not enough for life but only until the achievement of a certain goal. The Gemini are good at tests and will do great in the tasks that are given to them, but right after finishing one, they forget all the information.

An unusual and unpredictable Gemini is very versatile and sometimes combine conflicting qualities.

Positive traits of character

These are positive people. They never lose their faith in what they do and achieve great success with their work, but they are looking for easy ways out of everything. Gemini women enjoy work because they choose a field of activity that is comfortable for themselves. The representatives of the sign are cheerful masters at conducting a conversation. They know how to work with a large amount of information, convince people, and establish countless contacts. Despite the jabbering and some irresponsibility, Gemini women are distinguished by their good nature. They try to help relatives in any situation and will do everything that depends on them. The Gemini love animals very much; they cannot pass by a lonely kitten or a stray dog ​​- they will definitely take a pet home and care for it with all of their hearts.

Negative traits of character

Gemini women are characterized by inconstancy and the tendency to scandals. In their souls, there are constant conflicts. A man next to them will be meticulously tested for flaws every day.

The Gemini are quickly exhausted and lose their fuse. When embarking on a new business with enthusiasm, they rarely bring it to an end and switch to something else.

What a Gemini woman loves

A Gemini with awe awaits the weekend not because she is tired of work. She just loves a change of scenery, outdoor activities, and complete freedom. And also – talk with new people. If you plan to meet women online, you can achieve the positive disposition of a Gemini woman if you give her what she loves:

  • Visit entertainment events;
  • Travel;
  • Follow her whimsical plans.

What a Gemini woman does not like

A representative of the sign is annoyed by routine, established framework, annoying monotony, and boredom, the same type of everyday life. To avoid scandals, a bad mood, you need to know that a Gemini woman hates:

  • Rising early in the morning;
  • Strict schedule;
  • Routine work requiring concentration;
  • Pessimism, the silence of others;
  • The need to report on their actions;
  • Scandals;
  • Staying at home;
  • Being accused of infantilism;
  • Lack of admiration for her eccentricity from others;
  • The stupidity of others;
  • Lack of honesty and sincerity;

How to conquer a Gemini woman

Representatives of the sign are sociable and are easy to conquer; they love to flirt to make sure of their attractiveness. This does not go unnoticed and attracts many fans. It is not so difficult to get a Gemini woman interested and even get her to marry you. For a long marriage, you need to learn how to share the interests of a partner, her passion for walking and traveling: going out with your friends, attending sports matches, and noisy parties. In addition, Gemini is very hot-tempered. You should learn to calmly tolerate her attacks.

Love and marriage

Despite all her qualities that are not quite suitable for family life, a Gemini woman has different talents and can make a life together bright and happy. She is erudite, will entertain the gloomiest interlocutor, she cooks and receives guests well. A Gemini is woven from absolute contradictions and fully meets all the clichés of unpredictable female logic, with a short time interval, it is sentimental and hot-tempered.

Gemini women can love passionately, yet they are prone to infidelity. Only excellent diplomacy saves them from creating a mess in their marital life. To be the husband of a Gemini woman means to be an explorer. Each day will be unlike the previous one: discoveries and disappointments await you. A Gemini woman can easily cheat on her partner, probably even with her husband’s friends.

In children, the representative of the sign fosters independence. They are unlikely to be too tender with their offspring but will become a fun companion for games.

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