Breaking through the STI myths

When it comes to anything to do with our health you can find that there are many myths around, many of which are passed down from generation to generation. Our sexual health is no different. There are numerous myths linked to our sex lives whether this is that you can not get pregnant whilst you are on your period (this is of course a lie) right through to those myths linked to sexually transmitted infections. These myths can have an impact on the number of people that contract viruses such as these as well as those suffering from the symptoms not seeking medical advice and treatment.

Firing but not Waltzing Matilda.

If you could name a Battle tank what would it be? Iron Lord? Doombringer? Avenger? You would probably try and give it something menacing or impressive so that the soldiers inside could feel confident about its abilities or maybe that it strikes terror into the enemy you’re facing. It’s hard to imagine Wehrmacht troops fleeing and screaming “Actung! Das ist Maltilda’s! Raus!” The British Tank naming committee must have been having an off day when they decided that Matilda was a perfectly acceptable name for something that was going to be main battle tank at the start of the War. However, they had another lapse with its successor calling it the Valentine. Whatever the name of the tank I’m sure we’d all like a go at driving one. Check out Tank Driving Days at You can’t drive a Matilda but you can have a go at something similar.

 E-commerce website tips you need to get started

E-commerce is worth over $3 trillion globally, yet half of UK businesses still do not have an online presence. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of the digital world and enable your business to operate online, these design tips are useful to know. After you have read the tips below and you want to go ahead with a new website then give companies like amber couch a call who are a Cardiff Web Designer as they will have expert advice on what you need to do.

How to cure and make long nails healthy

Having long nails requires a lot of attention and care, daily and periodic. On it also affects food and lifestyle. For this reason, in addition to the manicure it is important to avoid some practices, habits and counterproductive vices.

Elegance and beauty also pass through the hands and nails. However, it is not always easy to show them healthy and beautiful. It happens, in fact, to all the women who break it, be weak or fall apart. Especially if we love long nails, we must therefore take care of them daily and periodically.

How Incorporating a Barber App Helps You Improve Your Business

While there are numerous things to know before opening a salon and ways to make your barber or salon shop a success, incorporating a barber app is one of the most effective investments. It is a matter of keeping up with the latest trends. It is up to you to find new ways to attract new customers and retain old ones. The best part about barber apps is that they work regardless of whether you have a physical shop or purely online.