Kerosene heating oil – essential heating oil for domestic purpose

When it comes about domestic heating oil, kerosene is always considered to be the one. According to scientific research, kerosene is clean fuel having high heating rate. Its low sulphur content makes the oil most suitable for domestic purpose. That’s why this oil is often termed as kerosene heating oil.

Its origin –Kerosene heating oil

This oil is actually one of the products of the refined crude oil. Crude oil is one of the natural oil that is available in nature. When crude oil is refined with chemical products and heated at different boiling point, numerous products are found. These products are petrol, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oil, lubricating oil, bottled gas and many more.

Thus in this way, kerosene heating oil is produced.

Factors responsible for changes in the price of the heating oil –Kerosene heating oil

As kerosene is the only oil used for household work, hence demand for this oil has increased. However with the increase in population, the demand for this oil is also increasing. As a result, the price of this oil has risen up. This is one of the major factors responsible for the rise in price of kerosene oil.

When you are buying such oil, you are not only paying the price of the oil but also the price that the distributor, refiners and the wholesaler that they ask for distributing the oil to your nearby shop.

Weather condition is also responsible behind such high rise in price. During winter, the demand of such oil rises. This is because people start using it not only for cooking purpose but also in boilers to heat up their room in chilled temperature. Hence the price automatically rises up.

Location is another factor to consider. If you are located in rural area, the price for such oil rises up. This is because the transportation cost also get added up with the actual price.

These are some of the essential factors responsible for such high price of kerosene oil.

What you should do if the price of such oil is high?

During summer, buy extra amount of kerosene heating oil so that you can use it in winter. Moreover, during summer the price is low as compare to other season. So buying such oil in summer is the best option.

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