Characteristics of a toxic man

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Unfortunately, our society is plagued by men who, not knowing how to recognize, control, and process their emotions, end up becoming toxic and even dangerous people. Not for nothing do we have the rates we have in gender violence and femicide.

If you want to know if you are next to a toxic man, these are the signs you should be on the lookout for so you can get away as soon as possible.

EgocentricCharacteristics of a toxic man

Just think of him, he always wants you to be there when he needs it but he is never there for you under any circumstances, he always wants you to listen to him but he never listens. It is typical that one day he writes you super nice because he wants to go out or other things, and suddenly he stops talking for a week and returns as if nothing had happened, as if you were always waiting for his arrival and at his disposal.

ControllerCharacteristics of a toxic man

This control is always linked to jealousy, to your insecurity. So you will want to control who you go out with, where, what you are wearing, and each of the decisions you want to make about your life.

Male chauvinistCharacteristics of a toxic man

Unfortunately, machismo is the cancer of our society and is found even in women themselves. However, when talking about a couple, behaviors of this nature should not be allowed because you will end up depressed, frustrated, and totally submitted.

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ManipulatorCharacteristics of a toxic man

Toxic men are experts in emotional blackmail. They are the ones who will cry when you finally decide to leave them, the ones who will promise you that they will change when it is not true, the ones who will even threaten to hurt you if you leave them.


Lies scale to a new level with toxic men, because they will lie for whatever reason. And will use them to keep you in their place.

UnfaithfulCharacteristics of a toxic man

A man who doesn’t respect you, who doesn’t value you. And who doesn’t care about making you suffer will always be a toxic man? There is no good excuse to betray the couple’s trust, if there is no love, then the relationship ends.

But a toxic man when you catch infidelity will always make you believe that it is your fault. He will tell you that you had neglected him, that you led him to do it. He will become the victim instead of facing his responsibility and the consequences.

AggressiveCharacteristics of a toxic man

Needless to say, aggressiveness is a symptom of a toxic man. But it is necessary to emphasize that no type of violence should be allowed. There is simply nothing that justifies the slightest aggression, be it verbal, psychological, or physical.


No, I do not mean that you realize that he is stealing money from you (although that would also be quite toxic), I mean those men who steal your energy, who take away your dreams, who belittle you and want to make you feel that they are not You are useless or worthless to take away any aspiration.

Note: If you think you are with a toxic man, you have to put fear aside. Tell trusted people so that there are witnesses, getaway, and cut off contact with him. No one deserves such a relationship, that is not loved.

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