How to do a thorough cleaning in the kitchen

How to do a thorough cleaning in the kitchen and what order to follow to finish quickly. Don’t be afraid of thorough cleaning in the kitchen. Going zone by zone, you will have it done in a short time and with little effort. We tell you how to do it step by step.

The change of season, when the end of the year approaches when we move or simply because it is our turn. Doing a thorough cleaning in the kitchen should not need excuses but the truth is that it is usually for one of these reasons that we take the blanket to the head to clean everything in depth.

It seems tedious and it will take us hours and hours, but with a good organization, we will have the pristine kitchen in no time

Some advice before getting down to business:

  • Check that you have all the products you need to clean. Write down the missing ones so that you don’t forget to include them on the shopping list. Until you have all of them, don’t start if what you want is to take this task with force.
  • Make sure of the materials present in the kitchen. As we will see below, a natural stone countertop, for example, is not cleaned in the same way.
  • Try to do the cleaning thoroughly in the kitchen one day with a good temperature outside. You will need to open the windows and it is better to avoid being cold.
  • Choose the order in which you will clean each item in the kitchen. We will advise you where to start, but you may prefer to do it differently. To make cleaning easier, think about the order and you will see the progress more clearly.
  • Don’t miss the radio or a good playlist with your favorite music in the background. Personally, cleaning is more enjoyable if I put rhythm on it.

How to do a thorough cleaning in the kitchen

And now we are going to roll up our sleeves to see how to clean each element of the kitchen to make it clean and shiny.

Clean the interior and exterior of the furniture

Cleaning the interior of kitchen furniture is as important as the most visible areas (floor, countertops, etc.). And it is that you will save time when cooking knowing where everything is and also you will find it quickly by having it well placed.

Take out all the contents of the cabinets and drawers; discard what you no longer use, empty cans, expired/forgotten products, etc; clean the interior of each cabinet and drawer; relocate the objects inside.

Then you can clean the outside of your kitchen furniture. It will be very important that you are clear of what material they are so as not to spoil their finish, although warm water with a few drops of neutral soap and a soft sponge never fail when we want to remove grease, dirt and remove finger marks.

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How to clean kitchen appliances

We will continue cleaning by leaving the exterior of our stainless steel appliances pristine. A material in which, although the marks are easily marked, it is very easy to clean, it is durable, resistant … It has everything and is also very easy to clean. You can use vinegar, soap, specific cleaning products, and even polish them with oil. In minutes they will shine like the first day.

Cleaning the kitchen hood

The cleaning of the kitchen hood must be outside and inside. You may never have considered it. First, check if it is a fume hood or recirculation hood because they have to be cleaned differently.

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Clean a gas stove thoroughly cleaning in the kitchen

Although cleaning a gas stove takes a little more time to clean it, we must also include it in the cleaning of our kitchen. For burners and grills, you must follow some steps and for the base of the kitchen others, although it may take less time to protect the kitchen from stains and splashes daily. Soapy water, vinegar or ammonia will be your allies.

How to clean the ceramic hob

When we are kitchens we know that the ceramic hob is going to stain yes or yes, that is why its daily cleaning is very important and we must also dedicate an in-depth review if we want it to shine for a longer time.

To clean the ceramic hob, get the right utensils (soft sponge, cloths, and scraper) and use soap and water first to wash it and then a special cleaner to remove the most difficult grease.

Clean the fridge step by step

Cleaning the fridge means also checking its interior and everything we keep in it to get rid of empty cans or perhaps expired products

We will not forget the shelves, trays, and drawers, nor the joints, and even the freezer will be part of this cleaning. And once we have finished with its interior, it’s time to clean the back of the fridge, that great forgotten woman.

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How to clean the dishwasher cleaning in the kitchen

Failure to maintain a correct cleaning of our dishwasher can cause it to stop working since the filter can get clogged with food debris and dirt, or the salt can run out. Even your internal ducts must be cleaned every month or two months using special products for it.

In this way, we will extend its useful life and avoid bad odors, in addition to completing the thorough cleaning in the kitchen.

Clean the oven with natural products

Baking soda, vinegar, water, and little else is what it takes to leave the interior of an oven shiny. Normally, it is stained with our elaborations, so we recommend you not to let too much time pass between cleaning and cleaning.

How to clean the microwave cleaning in the kitchen

Only by using lemon can we clean the microwave thoroughly and make it perfect. It will take you 5 minutes and it will hardly cost you effort, so while the lemon does its job, you can continue cleaning.

Clean kitchen countertops

Before launching to clean your countertop, make sure of the material with which it is made, because for the natural stone you should avoid lemon and vinegar, but for a laminate countertop they can be your allies. Or for example, it is appropriate that you protect your wooden worktop with oil.

If you have doubts, warm water with a few drops of neutral liquid soap will be your best ally.

How to clean the kitchen windows

It usually goes unnoticed but the fat accumulates in the windows of our kitchen every time we light the stove, so we must also clean the windows. Many products will help us get rid of fat and make them transparent.

Whether it’s warm water with ammonia, or vinegar, or using a steam gun, let the light reenter your kitchen smoothly. And since you get a thorough cleaning in the kitchen, take the opportunity to leave the blinds or curtains shiny, which also get dirty.

Keeping kitchen tiles clean

If the walls of our kitchen are covered with tiles, we will have noticed that after many cooked the grease and dirt begin to show, especially in the front where the stove is.

That is why the cleaning of the tiles must be very careful so that our kitchen does not tarnish.

So that it doesn’t become torture, every time you finish cooking, go over the tiles with soap and water. And when it comes to deep cleaning, choose the product that works best for you. Don’t forget to go over the meetings, of course.

How to clean the kitchen floor cleaning in the kitchen

And we will close the cleaning thoroughly in the kitchen with the floor. When cleaning your kitchen floor you also need to be clear about what material you are dealing with. Ceramic or stoneware will remain clean with soap and water or vinegar or bicarbonate. Natural stone requires water with ammonia or neutral soap. In the case of microcement, we will need a special acrylic wax product, etc.

You also have to pay attention to the joints, which gradually take on a black color that blurs our floor but thanks to the bicarbonate they can shine their original white again.

Clean glasses and cups

And once you have the whole kitchen shiny, you can put on other pieces. By cleaning the glassware correctly, we will be able to maintain its shine for much longer. White vinegar will be a great ally and, in case there are small scratches on our cups or glasses, toothpaste.

Cleaning the cutlery step by step

Even though we use our cutlery every day, we do not pay enough attention to how we are taking care of it. For this reason, we teach you the step-by-step of cleaning the perfect cutlery to make it look like new, be it in silver or stainless steel.

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