Beginner workout at home without equipment

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What if, if you can maintain a chiseled body to impress your spicy senorita with no money investing in your exercise. If you are new in doing exercise, you are in the right direction because workout at home without equipment is the best thing to do for beginners. Moreover, in this pandemic situation home workout is the only safe and best way out to keep your body sound and in shape. Furthermore, if you directly jump towards building muscle by lifting weight without training each organ of your body properly, then it might end you up with a vulnerable physique and also injury. So doing a workout at home without equipment is completely safe with no side effects. Furthermore, you can do it anywhere with a fun experience.

There are many options available for Beginner workout at home without equipment such as yoga, squat, and several stretching workouts, and now calisthenics is drawing much attention. Here, you will go through exercises from different genres of home workouts for working out all your vital organs of your body with completely no side effects and also with fun experiences.

Why homework out is important

It actually requires much dedication to doing exercises, especially at home. During my last 3 hours of workout at home without equipment, I had to strongly set up my mind for doing regular exercise though it finally results in a perfectly ripped body. But if you get a proper guideline regarding cool ambiance and fun exercises, it can motivate you for doing exercises on your own without any hesitations and boredom.

Firstly, like other equipment workouts, a Beginner workout at home without equipment has no side effects. Moreover, there are no chances of getting injured or killing your body shape. Besides, you can do these exercises anywhere at any place as the following exercises are programmed in that manner. Furthermore, it requires less time and absolutely no money.

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is considered to be one of the best yoga postures as it works for your entire body. It helps in proper blood circulation, best for your body posture. Most importantly The journal of sexual medicine proves that it can be beneficial for staying longer in bed.

How to do it

Step 1

Lie straight on the floor facing your nose in the floor. You can use a yoga mat for lying on the floor.

Step 2

Stretch your body to the fullest and press the floor using your top of the toe and thigh firmly on the floor.

Step 3

Then with the help of your hand, lift your higher abdominal part just like a cobra (snake).

Step 4

Look in front of you straight and breathe normally. Don’t bend your head down or stop breathing.


You can do it for 30 seconds -1 minute depending on your limit and stability.

Glute Bridge pose

Glute Bridge can be an excellent starter warm-up exercise. It works magically for the core and posterior chain.

How to do it

Step 1:

Lie on your back with your hand stretching two sides of your body. You have to bend your knees.

Step 2:

Now, pressing on your fleet raise your bottom off the ground. Bracing your core, extending your butt fully, and squeezing your glute at the top.

Step 3:

Now, despite return to your previous position and do it again.


Complete 2 sets of 12-15 reps.

Russian Twist

It is one of my personal favorites for reason. It is the best pact for getting ribbed abs.


Step 1:

Sit on the floor with your back alignment 45-degree angle with the floor. Create a V shape with your torso and thighs.

Step 2:

Bend your knees.

Step 3:

After clasping your hands together, you have to place your hands in front of your chest.

Step 4:

Use your abdominal to twist to the right and then left that is 1 rep.


Do these 2 to 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

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