The 4 Most Excellent Apps for Personal Trainers to Grow Their Businesses

Personal training can either be online or in-person. Presently, online training is becoming more popular as more personal trainers venture into it. The current technological changes have caused significant transitions in the way online training is done. There is also a substantial change in the way people perceive online training.

Due to the increased need for physical and health coaching, personal training is in high demanded. As a personal trainer, it is essential to maximize on this opportunity by building a strong clientele.

Thanks to smartphone technology, you can use it to communicate, engage, and educate your clients’ critical health matter that co-works with training to achieve the best results. Here are the best apps for personal trainers that will help you exploit the full potential of your smartphone.

  1. Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a fantastic photo collage app. It makes it possible for you to combine multiple photos. Many personal trainers and clients love this app. It allows side by side comparisons of before and after training pictures. The best thing about this app is that it helps to keep track of the results of a client. However, not all clients love such comparisons. Always ask the client if they are comfortable with it beforehand.

  1. Calendar

For a personal trainer, timing is more important than anything else. You may be currently using the phone’s calendar to make session schedules for your clients. However, there is more you can do with a timeline. For instance, you can use it to send important text messages or follow up emails to your clients.

A calendar is also excellent in business and client management. The expiry of a client’s package should not find you abrupt. You should always ensure you set a reminder on the calendar one week prior for better planning.

From time to time, ensure that you send an encouragement/reminder to your clients. Personalized communication speaks volumes since it shows that you have the matters of your clients at heart. To ensure that you don’t forget, always set reminders on your phone.

  1. Camera

Clients will always come with different questions to you and especially product recommendations. Some workout supplements have complicated names, and thus clients can easily forget or confuse with other products.

To save the situation, you can have snapshots of healthy living products that you can share with your clients.

  1. Instaquotes

This app allows you to add text captions to photos and allows customization of colors, font sizes, and type and alignment. Ensure that you use bright, good quality, and attractive backgrounds. Alternatively, you can use your photos. 

With the photos as your background, you can send fitness tips, recipes, and workouts to your clients on their phones. The Instaquotes are also a powerful marketing tool for your services.

In conclusion, there is much a personal trainer can do with a smartphone to promote his business. Make use of the apps mentioned above and watch as your business transitions to a new phase of success.

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