21 tricks for traveling cheap: How to go around the world spending little?

If you are a globetrotter but money does not rain in the sky, we tell you some of the best tricks to traveling cheap or travel the world with little money in your pocket. Pay a lot of attention!

It is not necessary to be a Nobel Prize winner to know that paying the first flight you find or staying in five-star hotels your savings will go down the drain with a spasmodic ease. To traveling cheap you must gather three ingredients : versatility in terms of time and places, patience to detect the best offers and information. In this post you will find numerous tricks that will allow you to travel the world with much less money than you imagine.

The more travel savings tips you put into practice, you will have a wider margin to not spend a lot of money and enjoy a cheap vacation. Currently, thanks to the Internet, low cost airlines or alternatives such as coach surfing or the rise of home exchange platforms or the collaborative economy it is possible to travel in a much cheaper way and without the need to sell a kidney.

In short, let’s go to the important thing! Below you will find up to 21 tricks for traveling cheap …

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21 Tips To Traveling Cheap

1) Use saving techniques throughout the year: It is not worth deciding to save two weeks of scarce holiday, but do it like an ant for the rest of the year. You can find numerous resources: the 52-week challenge, the do not buy lists and many more. You will find viral methods online, and very effective, to save a considerable sum of money. Visit National Pardon to find out the best entry process.

2) Previously consult all possible discounts: Due to your age, circumstances or place of residence you can access different discounts both in agencies and transport. It is usual to have discounts for young people, people with disabilities, belonging to a large family, unemployed, university students or retirees.

3) Design a budget: Do not be lazy and do an Excel sheet, either to go camping that weekend or to go backpacking a month to Peru. It establishes a minimum and a maximum, spending expectations, savings that you will need to gather and the cost of the basic products and the experiences that you plan to live on that trip.

4) The key is cheap flights: Program alerts, use search engines, take time to track your favorite destinations, contrast scales and try all possible combinations. You’ll save a lot more than you think by finding cheap flights with Google Flights. Do not forget to follow Google’s tricks.

5) Subscribe to newsletters and groups with travel offers: Get yourself in Facebook groups in which cheap flights are spread, subscribe to newsletters and have specific mobile apps on hand to detect transient offers that will make you drool.

6) Find the cheapest month, week and day: If we are talking about traveling cheap to faraway places and using the plane or staying in hotels, the time of year is very important. Avoid high season and dates like Christmas or Easter but above all, find out when it is cheaper to travel to each country.

7) May fate not matter!: It’s not a motivational phrase, but we talk about the advantages of buying cheap flights if you do not mind the destination. Search engines allow you to indicate the cheapest month and put as destination of your trip “anywhere”. Be surprised by last minute offers and unusually cheap flights, especially if you are looking for time and long term, without dates indicated.

8) Exchange your house: An alternative to traveling cheap and stay for free is to use search engines, which we will talk about in detail later on. Designed by the platform, this tool uses the benefits of the collaborative economy so you can exchange your home with people from anywhere in the world.

9) Install the bot in your favorite messaging app: With useful chatbot designed by a travel search engines. You can buy plane tickets directly from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram. You will only have to talk with the bot, detail the dates you want to travel and he will search for you the cheapest price for your vacation.

10) It polls the standard of living of the country of destination: A common mistake is to look only at the price of the flights or the cost of the hotel reservation. If the trip is long, the bulk of the expense will be the level of daily life there, so it is important that you look for places where visits, transportation, food or basic products are affordable. You will spend much less in Thailand, Romania, Bolivia or Peru than in Japan, the United States, Germany or Italy.

11) Patience with scales: Many people sacrifice money for comfort and always buy the round trip itinerary together. However, you can save a good bit of money by booking flights separately, exploring nearby airports. It is important to consult if it is cheaper to have your own credit card to save commissions.

12) Travel light: Carry the essential and learn to pack as saves space and without going overweight. It is important, not to pay to check – except very long trips or that is strictly necessary – to be very clear about the maximum measures that each airline rules for hand luggage. Traveling light you will save a lot of money, since it is one of the most attractive claims of low cost airlines.

13) Cut out superfluous expenses: Goodbye to bring the suitcase full of souvenirs, hire very expensive guided tours when there are cheaper alternatives, go to eat in the most central and crowded street or pay all the luxuries and extras of the hotel. Cut out the basics, adapt a van to sleep in it, sleep camping, eat sandwich, go backpacking, stay in shelters or pensions, walk or use alternatives such as public transport or bicycle and focus on enjoying the experience, accumulate valuable memories and emotions and not consume compulsively or buy things you do not need.

14) Be a traveler, not a tourist: Immerse yourself in the local culture, opt for local and local commerce, search blogs to find charming bars and restaurants, local guides, secret and free places in cities. Stroll, visit local markets, and use the Internet to find valuable information, go to the Tourism Office and pay attention to avoid scams.

15) Search online and offline discounts: The fan is immense! Without going any further, some companies offer discounts per trip for students and people, while other companies such as Booking have a points system that allows you to save by recommending the page through links. To stay you can also find coupons and discounts for platforms. Really for almost anything you want to buy, be it product or service, the Internet offers you discount percentages, codes and coupons, being reference pages.

16) Practice Woofing: This alludes to the opportunity to work in organic farms in exchange for free travel around the planet, since there is a large international network of livestock and agricultural operations of an ecological nature. Through the Internet you can volunteer and live for free while doing rural work between 4 and 6 hours a day. In each country, it has its own independent website. There are 88 countries where you can volunteer and about 6,000 farms around the world. Those in which you have more opportunities are New Zealand, Nepal, Ireland, Costa Rica and Portugal.

17) On your sofa or mine? Advice for coach surfing: This alternative was born so that thousands of people could travel the world sleeping on the sofa or bed of another person and offering yours in turn. The original idea of the web has been perverted to a more economical look, you can opt for other collaborative travel options.

18) Enrolled in a boat thanks to the crewing: This trend allows you to join a boat to travel free to other places in exchange for offering your work. If you do not get dizzy, you like the ocean and want to display your maritime skills, you should only send your CV and your initiative by email to specific websites.

19) Host in exchange for free evenings: The trend of night swapping makes it easy for you to become a host by accumulating free evenings in other places in the world where there is a person registered on the platform.

20) Take care of other people’s houses with house sitting: Another option to traveling cheap is this trend, which allows you to stay in the homes of other people in exchange for their care.

21) Become a world packer: You can travel the world and also take advantage of cultural exchange, collaborative experiences and a lot of memories. The social network works so that you can stay for free in exchange for work in hostels, hotels and pensions, performing typical tasks such as laying in reception, cleaning, giving language classes, cooking or even organizing parties.

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