The 12 cheapest tourist locations in the world

The postal service in Great Britain has ancient origins: it has existed for over 370 years and was the English invention in 1661 of the postmark, which indicates the date of departure of packages and letters. It is currently a colossus with 11500 offices that sort 47 million transactions per week.

The structure has obviously evolved also in the forms of service, which nowadays range in different sectors, including travel and holidays, with insurance offers, currency exchange, prepaid credit cards and more. Their site, has analyzed the costs of stay in tourist destinations frequented by English travelers for 10 years, placing them in a ranking that can allow the most cheapest tourist locations in the world.

It is called the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer and is carried out in 42 different locations, taking into account 8 purchase parameters: a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, a can of coke, a bottle of beer, a dinner for two people including wine, a glass of wine, an insect repellent and a sunscreen.

Two evidences for 2018: among the 12 most cheapest tourist locations in the world, 7 are European; on the other hand, the costs seem to fall outside Europe, while instead they rise in the countries of the Community.

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Here are the ” cheapest holiday destinations “, the cheapest tourist locations according to the British Post Office …

12) Bali – Indonesia

11) Hoi An – Vietnam

10) Budapest – Hungary

9) Porec – Croatia

8) Pafos – Republic of Cyprus

7) Marmaris – Turkey

6) Costa del Sol – Spain

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5) Cape Town – South Africa

4) Prague – Czech Republic

3) Algarve – Portugal

2) Tokyo – Japan

1) Sunny Beach – Bulgaria

The black sheep in this English analysis?

Singapore, considered the most expensive destination in the world, followed by Dubai and Muscat, the capital of Oman; in Europe, the least cheap is Nice, the beautiful French city on the Mediterranean coast.

What do you think? In your opinion is a reliable ranking or do you have any doubts? Maybe Tokyo is not so cheap .. But let’s hear what you think ..

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