The importance of meditation to leave anxiety

Surely you have read that the practice of Meditation is good to get out of anxiety. Certainly, for me, it was one of the fundamental points that helped me to find myself better and better. But exactly why meditate and what is the importance of meditation to leave anxiety?

In today’s society, we usually live robotized, we go from here to there with our mind jumping from one concern to another, without really living or enjoying life. That is why there are so many states of grief, nervousness, restlessness, stress, and anxiety among people. Keep reading: How to overcome fear of death?

Importance of meditation

importance of meditation to leave anxiety

Depending on the person and their circumstances, we all live more or less frequently, situations in which we are dragged by the mind. If for example the thought “I am in danger” comes to me when in truth I am not, my body will automatically begin to react as if it really is.

If I think “I am stupid” and give it credibility, I will immediately begin to experience feelings of sadness and uselessness. Do you realize that we move more in the world of fantasy than of reality, generating enormous suffering? That is, the “faith” that we have to what the thoughts say, is an inexhaustible source of affliction.

Keeps mind free

But do not blame the mind because then the only thing that we are doing will be to enter into conflict with ourselves. Do not blame her because that is precisely her function, which is none other than to produce thoughts. So the problem is not the mind, but what is our relationship with it. And that is precisely where meditation comes in since it teaches us how to relate to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations so that they are not a source of suffering for us or for others. And interestingly, when we learn to do that, all of it calms down. Therefore, one of the first issues that we have to give real account, is that things are what they are, and not what we imagine, think or presuppose.

importance of meditation to leave anxiety

Improves our vision

That is why it is essential to clean up our vision of both reality and ourselves. Adjust it to what it is, placing us in the purest reality. When we stay in what “IS” and not in what “we imagine it is” … we liberate ourselves from imaginary horror films.

But in order to reach that clear and clear vision of reality, we must first calm and mind. It means lowering the INTENSITY AND FREQUENCY of our thoughts, thus giving rise to the fact that later we can work on other aspects that we need to heal. This is like learning to swim. We can not learn to swim with waves of five meters, we would directly drown, we have to do it when the sea is calm. Well, in the same way, it is very difficult to learn to manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions while being literally dragged by all that mental flow. That is, as in any natural process, first crawls, then walks, then runs and finally skips. And for this first step, nothing better than meditation and calm our mind.

What is the meditative practice

importance of meditation to leave anxiety

Meditative practice is a slow path, but it is the safest in the medium and long-term. So much so that science is demonstrating the great benefits it has, which is why many psychologists are learning Mindfulness to teach their patients. Before all this, we must clarify that meditation is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. In fact, the University of Lund in Sweden found that the practice of Mindfulness would be just as effective as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in people with depression and anxiety. It is also known that among the importance of meditation to leave anxiety are:

  • Reduces worry and rumination
  • Increase serenity and concentration
  • It places us in the most absolute present, far from the past and the future that is where we find ourselves with guilt and fear.
  • Increase the general welfare.
  • Low heart rate and blood pressure
  • Activates areas of the brain that allows us to stop the “automatic pilot” of thoughts in which we are usually immersed.

So from here, I encourage you to practice meditation. And this recommendation about the importance of meditation is not made from the theory but from my own personal experience. She was one of those key points that allowed me to leave seven years of anxiety, so I recommend 100% convinced that it works. You may also read:

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