Manage the Star Ship Enterprise and Being a Star-Ship Captain

So you want to be a Star Ship Captain? You think that this job is all about meeting exotic alien ladies and bossing people about? Well, it is but what else do you need to be a top Star Ship Captain like me, James Tiberius Kirk?

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Well, the first thing you need is a commanding personality. You need others to be able to follow your orders and believe in you – remember, you won’t only be in charge of humans – Vulcans are a particular nightmare for a manager as due to their logical nature, they will often feel compelled to question your judgement. So you need to be strong and forceful to be able to manage a large group of different people (and aliens)

The next thing is of course looking good – whether it is in the heat of battle or just sitting with my feet up on the bridge of the Enterprise, I always like to look my best. People are more inclined to follow a leader who looks the part, and I am no exception. I work out so that I can engage in hand to hand combat with ruthless alien bad guys, of course it has the added bonus that I get first pick of any lovely alien ladies – and I come across plenty in this line of work!

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It is not enough that it is just you who looks good though – no, make sure that your Ship looks the part too. Personally, I believe that the Enterprise is the best ship in the fleet of course.  I got my Operator Chairs for all around the ship including the teleportation room, the sick bay and the science deck from , and of course my Captains Chair. Even the brig looks amazing with a futuristic design worthy of any top New York eatery.

Of course it’s not all fun and games – we have seen it all from squabbling crew members, covert love affairs (mainly me) and the tragic loss of many red-shirted crew members. But under my leadership, the Enterprise is, in my opinion the best place to live and work, so remember, study hard in your science classes and keep pumping iron at the gym, and maybe one day you could be in the hot seat.




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