Why is my roller garage door crooked?

Are you having problems with your roller garage door? Has it become crooked and difficult to open and close? Wear and tear and a lack of maintenance might be the cause but if your roller door leaves a gap, it will be compromising your security as well as the interior condition of your garage and vehicle. Here are some common causes of damaged roller doors:

Sensor issues – If the roller door is a modern electronic opening door, it is likely fitted with sensors that stop the door if it identifies an obstruction, for example. If the sensors are misaligned during installation or one becomes knocked, it can cause the door to be left in a crooked position.

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Obstructions on the track – Tracks are installed in the walls of your garage and the opening and closing depends on smooth movement up and down these metal or plastic tracks. If an obstruction occurs, such as debris like leaves, it can prevent the rollers from operating the door correctly. When it’s time for new Garage Doors Bristol, visit a site like https://www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/

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Worn out springs – All roller doors are fitted with springs that are kept in a state of tension to unwind when the door closes. When these springs get damaged or wear out, it can seize and make opening and closing the door difficult. You may also notice noise from the damaged springs. This is a job for professionals as releasing a spring can cause serious injury if not done properly.

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