What to pack for egypt?

Cradle of the ancient Egyptian civilization and leading country of the African continent, Egypt connects North Africa to the Middle East and is washed by the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. This wonderful country, also known as the? Land of the sun? Attracts every year, an indefinite number of tourists from all over the world are attracted by the tangible signs of the presence of the Pharaohs, which can be found, in all their grandeur, in the scattered monuments. Along the Nile River, the heart of the country’s development. Among these, the best known are the majestic Pyramid of Cheops, the mysterious Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Luxor.
Nothing strange, then, if you too have decided to venture on the traces of ancient civilizations, giving yourself a holiday in Egypt. But don’t forget to think about who stayed home, with a small souvenir of your trip. Buying objects and jewels for you and for the people you care about will keep alive, in your memory, the most intense moments experienced during your excursions; it will tell your loved ones about the emotions you have experienced and all that you have learned again. In short, a souvenir is not just an object purchased in a foreign country, but it is the symbol of the sensations that remain inside and is a way to transmit them to others. The important thing is to understand what to buy. Here, then, is the guide that’s right for you!

What to pack for Egypt?

What to pack for Egypt

The first tip for choosing a perfect souvenir is not to be enchanted by easy purchases in large shopping centers but to stroll through the markets, visit shops and bazaars, letting yourself be captivated by the colors, intoxicated by the spicy scents, enveloped by the magical atmosphere of the ” A thousand and one nights “that reigns in the alleys of Cairo. Inexplicably, all of these elements will guide you toward the right choices.

Try to visit small craft shops and peek among the handcrafted objects: you will be surprised by the maniacal precision of the details. Here you can browse between statuettes and vases modeled mainly with alabaster, copper, brass and silver.

If you go to the Khalili market instead, you will find a wide selection of jewels and jewels whose characteristic is working with amber stones. Also, take a look at the Egyptian papyrus, a plant that, when properly treated, is used for writing.

Spices of all kinds

Another very original souvenir to buy could be a bag of famous Egyptian spices. You won’t have to travel far to find them, as it is a common product in Egypt. They are easily found on market stalls and bazaars. You can, therefore, taste and buy saffron, curry and cinnamon: often, in fact, the managers of the premises let you taste typical products cooked with these spices, even on the spot. Purchase of this kind could be an excellent idea to recreate, even at home, typical tasty dishes with an exotic flavor. In addition, the mother-of-pearl box in which the merchants pack the purchased spices makes this gift an original and refined idea with which to pleasantly amaze your loved ones.

Essences and perfumes

The Egyptian civilization was one of the first to use perfumes and essences, probably to remove the smell of death, maintain, as much as possible, the aspect of a living person, or simply enhance one’s senses. The fact is that even today, the Egyptians have a real cult for body care thanks to the help of creams, essences and perfumes obtained from spices and herbs and, therefore, completely natural. Therefore, this too can be an excellent gift. Furthermore, by creating combinations of different scents, such as myrrh, cardamom, rosewood, sandalwood, honey, coriander, cinnamon and so on, you can create completely personal essences obtaining a unique gift.

Sensual skirt

Finally, don’t forget that Egypt is the home of sensual belly dancing. In addition to attending a show of this kind, in some typical restaurants, you can buy the transitional kilt of the dancers, decorated with many brightly colored rattles. Tradition has it that the veils used in belly dancing are those sold to tourists by the managers of the bazaar stalls. For this reason, the famous dance of the seven veils dates back to ancient popular traditions. Even the beautiful scarves, with a thousand colors and different types of fabrics, often also inlaid, are perfect ideas to bring home a unique accessory. In addition to making an original gift, you can embellish your outfits with an oriental touch. Finally, we remind you to absolutely avoid the purchase of products obtained from the killing of animals. First of all, ivory, obtained from the tusks of elephants, belongs to a protected species. In addition to being morally wrong, it is prohibited and punishable by law. As you can see, there are many ideas to take home a beautiful memory of your holidays; sometimes, you just need to let yourself be guided by emotions and instinct. Rely on a local guide who knows how to advise you on where to shop and, above all, what to avoid.

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