Equipment to keep your industrial plant safe

Any workplace can be dangerous. However, there are certain manufacturing production facilities where this is especially true and the need for safety is even more acute than other productive outlets. It doesn’t matter what the products or items produced are, there are stringent safety protocols and equipment that must be added. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is very clear on what is required. Be it pressing equipment, drills or Pneumatic conveying systems, such as those that can be bought from

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The first thing that the HSE demands is the need for a regular servicing of the equipment. This can, and should, be a regimented and planned approach throughout the calendar year. It should also be put in place when a machine has broken down or been damaged.

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There is a very good reason for this to be done. Not only will it mean that large scale, expensive and unnecessary repairs are needed. These can break a business either by the cost of the repair or the lack of productivity if the machine is out of action.

More importantly, the safety of the workers is paramount. If your employees are using substandard or below par equipment, especially when in industry, then the chances of a serious injury in the shape of an industrial accident are greatly increased. This can lead to severe legal action by the employee, unions or even the Government itself.

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