What Makes Podia Different Than Other Course Platforms?

Dozens of digital course platforms are available in the marketplace right now. Popular ones like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi should ring a bell, but there’s a new platform gaining tons of attention over the past years—Podia.

Curious course creators are starting to venture with Podia and its viable options when it comes to creating successful and engaging digital membership sites and courses. However, what sets Podia apart from other popular course platforms?

Is Podia Good?

Podia offers straightforward solutions when creating or selling digital courses and memberships. It enables you to deliver and host content, create a stunning storefront, and begin selling this in just several hours regardless of whether you’re tech-savvy. You don’t need coding skills or technical knowledge to work your way with Podia as it guarantees total convenience of use, course engagement or creation, marketing, sales, customization, and more at an affordable price.

Like any course-creating platform, Podia enables you to take any materials you created—digital workbooks, audio, video, etc.—and transition them into digital products. It offers flexibility on how you make your e-course structure, and according to Freedom Bound Business, there are more of these digital structures you can do with Podia. There’s more to explore without breaking the bank and being frustrated with a complicated system.

  • Podia enables you to create a single post for your site membership and embed buy or checkout buttons on your external website. It also handles EU Digital goods VAT tax, has free migration, built-in live chat element, and clean/modern design through a front-end and back-end interface.

Podia Comparison With Other Online Classes Platform

While there are tons of widely-known platforms for creating digital classes and membership sites, Podia is a total game-changer. It offers a different approach, let’s say compared to Udemy. Podia allows you to own student data and get full control over refund policy, pricing, etc.

Podia is a well-maintained platform that allows you to create engaging digital courses and membership with unmetered video hosting courtesy of Wistia. There are more benefits you can get with Podia but let’s take a quick look and check similarities and differences when compared with other platforms.


Teachable is a market leader when it comes to digital class platforms similar to what Podia offers. They differ in terms of more comprehensive offers and pricing options. Teachable has more to offer if course creation is based on flexible class builder, course compliance, graded quizzes, class analytics, certificates, and more.

Podia stands out for site memberships and offers a more flexible feature as it enables you individual post creation. When it comes to platform capabilities, there are minor differences, but when it comes to marketing and sales features, they are on the same level.


Podia and Kajabi tag themselves as your one-stop-shop when it comes to an all-in-one platform for creating digital courses and business. Both remove the need for integrating various tools into your platform like site builders, email marketing tools, page builders, etc.

They allow you to create any content type and turn into profitable digital products you can sell. At the same time, their significant difference is the digital class creation interface. Podia is pretty straightforward and an easy to use tool. The platform enables any file uploads, content delivery, and pre-launch digital courses.


Podia and Coursera are both LMS (Learning Management System), but a few factors set them apart from each other. Coursera is ideal for building Learning & Development courses, while Podia is ideal for creating digital methods. Coursera rewards you with certificates and degrees coming from prestigious institutions and universities, while Podia won’t.

Podia enables you to create digital courses from zero, while Coursera limits your selection from existing programs made for your learners. Lastly, Podia is conveniently easy to use while Coursera will require inquiries, go via institutions, and more.


LearnWorlds is ideal for professionals that want to launch digital courses, community, or membership sites with a comprehensive knowledge-based online business. On the other hand, compared to Podia, which targets memberships and downloadables.


Thinkific, like Teachable, is also a widely-known course platform and is better with course delivery and creation compared to Podia. Though Thinkific is better with site-building and other aspects, Podia stands out for sales & marketing as Podia has excellent features than Thinkific.


What sets Podia apart from the vast competition is its straightforward approach to the course and membership creation. It also offers a good-looking marketing and sales page to place your products and sell them faster. That said, Podia provides a cheaper solution in creating a membership site and delivering a straightforward digital course.

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