Use your campervan in these three ways

Since they first rolled off the production line back in 1950, the VW Campervan has held a special place in the heart of millions of people worldwide. Nowadays there are still plenty of this classic model, along with other versions created by competing companies, making it easier than ever to find a campervan to fit your lifestyle.

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Although they seem like a specialist kind of vehicle, they are actually pretty versatile, so rather than having yours sit on a driveway for months on end, here are just three of the ways you can get full use out of it.  If you are away for months at a time then make sure before you go to get a MOTs Gloucester way company to test your vehicle for you which can be found by googling words like  123carandcommercial

Special Event Hire

Proms and weddings are just two of the special events that have people searching for a quirky form of transport to ferry them between home and venue, and the opportunity for some pretty unique photographs is appealing, too. If you are prepared to primp your camper with suitable decorations, feel confident about driving strangers around, and are prepared to organise the legal and insurance side of it, there are plenty of opportunities to develop a good sideline business using your iconic vehicle.

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The Festival Circuit

Music festivals are great fun, but camping isn’t to everyone’s taste. Using your camper to visit these events combines reliable and convenient transport, a comfy place to sleep, and a bolt hole when you need a little space. If you happen to have a bathroom on board, it’s even better. Not all festival sites allow vehicles to park there, so if not, it is worth checking, on to see if there are any suitable places to part a camper nearby.

Domestic Tourism

There’s so much to see in the UK, and more and more families, couples, and singles of all ages are choosing to stay in country rather than jet off abroad. Providing transport and accommodation in one, plus plenty of room for surfing, hiking or sporting gear, there’s probably no easier way to explore the UK. Wales is a popular domestic destination, attracting both new and returning tourists year after year.

Enjoy the many facets of your multi-purpose campervan, for this home away from home is a real treasure.

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