How to spend a ‘Dog Day’

Having fun and spending time with your dog strengthens your bond and also offers physical and mental stimulation, great for overall good health for both you and your dog. Here are some great ideas for getting that tail wagging:

Run or jog together

Nothing wears out an energetic pup like a nice run.  Some breeds are more adapted dogs to running longer distances than others, so factor in your dog’s health, physical fitness the weather, and be sure to carry some fuel, such as a drink and some treats. If you have a real runner on your hands – as in, dogs who love to run – it’s a good idea to getting a special lead made for running. If you find it becoming a popular pastime, challenge yourselves to try and beat your previous time.

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Make your dog a puzzle to solve

Dog with lots of energy have high entertainment needs. With the internet overflowing with brain teasers you can create your own items at home, from stuff you would normally throw away. A game with an old tennis ball and a treat or toy tug made from an old shirt can be a great challenge for your dog. So, get crafting!

Take agility or obedience training classes

Dogs with a wild streak tend to need focus, so choose a goal to work towards. Agility or obedience training will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their mad skills. It will also help make your doggy-owner bond even stronger.

Play in the sprinklers, leaves or snow

No matter what season you’re in, there is always fun outside your door. Run through a sprinkler, play fetch with snowballs during a blizzard or jump in a pile of leaves. (Do not forget to check for ticks after!) Sometimes the simple pleasures in life make the best memories.

Throw a puppy party

If you have lots of doggy friends on speed dial, then now is the time to invite them. Whether it’s your dog’s birthday or any other occasion, set a date and go all-out. Put up some doggy decorations, organise some fun games and this will soon become an Instagram-worthy activity. Treat your pooch to special new Designer Dog Collars for the occasion at a site like

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Take your dog to work

While the official day to take your dog to the office is June 24, those working in dog-friendly workplaces could make this a regular thing. As long as your dog isn’t too hyper, dogs can be good for helping to relieve the stress of the office, and there is nothing more soothing than taking a coffee break with your sweet.

Attend a “doga” session

Just breathe. A dog-friendly yoga or doga session will help you with stretching and flexibility but also to better bond with your dog. Doing the ‘downward dog’ with your best buddy pooch as your wingman should be on every dog lover’s list of favourite dog day activities.

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