Types of pants: characteristics, types, and styles

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Do you arrive at the store and do not know what pants to buy? Are there types of pants that you don’t know or what they mean? Don’t you find the pants that fit your body? Do not worry, today we collect the types of pants that exist and the bodies that best fit. And is that different styles of men’s jeans, require different types of shoes.

Luckily, for decades, fashion has not stopped growing. Thus, the variety that the market offers is almost infinite. But of course, if you do not know these possibilities, it is difficult to take advantage of it. Today we bring you all types of pants: features, types, and styles. This will make it easier for you to get it right when you go shopping again.


We can affirm, without fear of being wrong, that jeans or jeans are the most recognized and famous pants in the world. For starters, its material is almost unbreakable under normal circumstances. To this is added the universalization of this type of pants. It is carried by people of all types and conditions. In addition, with the number of types of jeans there are, everyone has a model that fits their body.

And is that the types of jeans for men are for all tastes:


They are a classic of men’s fashion, although in recent years they are hitting as they did decades ago. Today, it is one of the trends of street style that strikes the strongest. And it does, not only for informal looks but also for elegant events. The skinny jeans cut accentuates the shape of the leg and adds length to the wearer. They are ideal for tall men with muscular or fibrous legs. Also known as Slim or Skinny, they are adjusted from the waist to the ankles.


Also known as straight, are the pants of a lifetime. The straight jeans that Levi’s raised to the fifth essence with its 501 models. The cut is straight from the hips to the bottom of the pants. It is similar to the cut that a normal suit would wear. It is advisable for men of greater volume because the figure stylizes them.


Wide jeans are the opposite of skinny jeans. The cut makes the back area lose; the leg is straight but the final cut ends in width. They are the ones recommended to men of great corpulence. They had their moment of glory in the late 90s when grunge and rap swept across the world.

High Shot and Low Shot – Both cases are cyclic fashions that, from time to time, take back. In the high shot, the Levi’s are again the model to look at. They cover a large part of the hip and the back, stylizing the figure. On the other hand, the low shot is for careful bodies because they teach the lower hip area. It is a type of cut that applies to skinny and modern designs.


And as there is life beyond jeans, we take a look at other types of pants. In this case, we start with the Chinese. One of the usual alternatives to jeans is made of dense cotton. Its canonical color is light brown although, with its popularization, the range of colors has expanded to infinity.

To choose the right Chinese for each man, you should look at three elements of the pants:

  • Five pockets silhouette
  • That is not skinny
  • Made of cotton

The Chinese are a type of pants that fits any type of body and also apply to something informal, as well as something more exclusive.


Among the types of pants, you can never miss a classic like tweezers. Basically, it is to take the pants of a suit and use it independently. This fashion began in Italy, decades ago, but it has been universalized to the point of being a tremendous resource for any event. To combine it, nothing better than a basic shirt or shirt or a plain sweater.

The caliper pants also fit beautifully with a vest. Undoubtedly, an ideal way to give more use to the pants than is usually given with the suit. In addition, the number of tweezers proposed by the current market, make this look cease to be veteran.


And if we talk about classics among the types of pants, we can’t leave joggers aside. That is the sweatpants of a lifetime. In this case, they seek comfort. Whether to play sports or for something completely informal. In fact, its wide silhouette and tight ankle are given by seeking the greatest comfort for sports.

However, fashion paths have led the joggers to become a trend. There are even those who use them for events of some relevance. Moreover, the classic and immovable cotton has been passed to fabrics such as corduroy, tweed or wool in the joggers. To combine it, if we want something fixed, touch dress shoes and matching shirt.


The types of pants that turned the sport into haute couture. Once the ban has been opened, the sweatpants have become part of the essential fashion out of the sports environment. To give a distinguished touch, many designers have chosen to put a sideband on them. Like that of a lifetime.

Who wants a look Athleisure should combine these pants with elegant shoes and a white shirt? It is the quintessential Athleisure look. From there, everyone wants. There are even those who cheer up with a tuxedo. Be that as it may, an essential type of pants as a wardrobe.


The summer pants par excellence. It has more centuries than fashion itself but still saving looks in hot weather. Despite this, the fashion world has demonized this type of pants.

And it is complicated to combine. The simplest thing is to dress it in a sailor sweater and leather sandals. It should not be missing in your closet.

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