Top Five Great Food And Drink Gift Ideas

If someone you know has a special occasion on the horizon and you are stumped as to what to buy them, consider a gift that is food or drinks based. Everybody has to eat and drink after all, so a gift in this area will always be well appreciated.

Great Food And Drink Gift Ideas

Here are five great food and drink gift ideas.


Although it may be one of the most obvious things you can give to someone as a gift, the good old box of chocolates is still exceedingly well appreciated. People who enjoy chocolate far outnumber those who do not, so you are almost always assured to be onto a winner with chocolates as a gift. It doesn’t just have to be a standard box of chocolates you give either. Chocolate fountains for the home are now very popular and make an unusual gift for any lover of delicious chocolate.

Food Hampers

There is nothing quite as luxurious as a food hamper gift. Hampers come in all shapes and sizes these days with varieties to suit all personalities and tastes. From the traditional large hampers with contents that cover a plethora of foodstuffs to smaller hampers that concentrate on a particular area such as cheese, the choice is vast. Hampers can also be tailored to suit particular occasions too such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and birthdays.

Wine Hampers

Just as popular as the food hamper gift is the wine equivalent. Again, as with the food ones, wine hampers are available in different sizes depending on your budget. Small hampers with just two bottles of wine make for a fine present as do much larger varieties containing twelve bottles or more. Wine is also an excellent accompaniment to chocolate, so if you know someone who likes both of these things, a combined wine and chocolate hamper should be most gratefully received!

Real Ale Sets

In recent years, real ale has become exceedingly popular and can now be found in most pubs and restaurants around the country. Supermarkets have many shelves dedicated to different varieties of ale whilst online retailers are also selling bottles in great amounts. Much like wine buffs, connoisseurs of real ale have particular tastes and their own personal favorites, so if you are considering buying real ale as a gift for someone, try to subtly find out their preferences first.

Cookery Courses

Of course, food and drink based gifts do not always have to be about giving someone a particular product such as wine or chocolate. Thanks to a plethora of television cookery shows, home cooking has once again become a very popular pastime with amateur chefs continually trying to improve their skills. If you know someone who is a very keen cook, consider buying them a red-letter day in a professional kitchen or cookery school. From learning how to bake cupcakes to cooking fine food under the supervision of a top city chef, there are many options to choose from.

From simple boxes of chocolates to luxury hampers, food and drink based gift is always appreciated.

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