How to make an advertising poster

The advertising poster continues to be one of the most powerful tools to reach the public and communicate in an instant, in a glance, a complete message, a product, an event or a new brand. When you ask yourself how to design an advertising poster, you must remember that its effectiveness is great, so you have to work looking for the maximum impact and meaning to communicate your message in the most effective way. With this post, we try to help you out.

Select the size of the advertising poster

The first thing you should know is what message you want to transmit and who will be its recipients. If you are clear about this, you will have to stop for a moment and decide what will be the ideal size of an advertising poster for your campaign.

The selection of the measures of an advertising poster must be made taking into account where we are going to place it and who will be its main recipient. Depending on these two variables, we will find different formats, ranging from folio size to large stamps on billboards.

So, it cannot be said that there is a standard size of an advertising poster, but this will depend on what you are looking for. For example, if you intend to place your campaign posters in a shop window or inside an establishment, it is recommended that you print them with a size between A4 size – the one known as folio size – of 21×29.7 cm, and the A2, 42×59.4 cm.

If you want to place your advertising in a transit area, such as streets or pedestrian areas, where the walls will be close to pedestrians, the measures of the ideal advertising poster would be those of an A1, 59.4X84.1 cm. Or a B2, 50×70.7 cm. When placing it in areas where cars or buses pass, its size should also increase. For this, there are the sheet formats, such as the B1, 70.7×100 cm, or the A0. And if you want to design a poster for an advertising screen, those that you usually find next to a bus stop or in the middle of the street, the measurements will have to go up to 120×175 cm.

Adapt your content to the format

It is important that you adapt the design of the poster not only to what you want to convey, but also to who is going to read it. The contents should also be adapted to your audience, and it would be ideal to use impressive or recognizable images, and play with creativity. But without forgetting that the message should be brief and simple, easy to read for those who are passing through, because this will increase its impact.

When designing the advertising poster, you must order the elements it contains, creating a composition that makes it easy to read in a quick glance. For example, if it is an event poster, place the data such as the title, the date and the place where it will be held at the top of the design, highlighting each of the elements and differentiating them from each other. Below, you can include images and more details of the event, such as the price of the ticket or an email or contact telephone number, as well as the logos of the organizers and sponsors.

If what you want to highlight is a new product, the image should be the protagonist of the design, along with the slogan or main message that you want to transmit or associate with that specific product or with your clients or potential buyers.

The important thing is to correctly combine a good composition with typography and adequate images that favor the communication of our message from a first glance, and that attract attention so that the passer-by stops, approaches or simply internalizes our speech in some way.

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