41 Best Things to do in Downtown Toronto (That’s Fun!)

Toronto is one of the most charming Canadian cities, both locals and foreigners immediately fall in love with its modern and multicultural atmosphere. It is the largest metropolis in Canada, therefore, there are many places to enjoy and in this article you will find the best things to do in downtown Toronto. As it has natural wonders, historical sites and museums, shopping centers and amusement parks, in short, the city has something for every visitor.

Best sightseeing in Downtown Toronto

Toronto, the capital of the state of Ontario, is the most populated city in Canada and one of the most multicultural places in the world. If you are planning to make a trip then you must have a question in mind that “What to do in Toronto?”

Well, the city offers visitors many attractions among which there are museums, beautiful buildings in various architectural styles, shops of all kinds and many clubs.

In the province where Toronto is located there are many places of naturalistic interest such as parks and lakes, ideal for those who want to relax while admiring nature.

Here we bring you the 41 best things to do in downtown Toronto and the places that you cannot miss on your trip …

1) CN Tower

It is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The CN Tower has a height of 553.2 meters (the fifth highest in the world) so you can see the cityscape and Lake Ontario from a very different perspective. This tower is the Toronto jewel because it is still an important symbol for the city. In fact, it attracts 2 million tourists, approximately, every year.

2) Nathan Philips Square

It is the heart of the city, where New Year’s Eve is celebrated and concerts and demonstrations are held throughout the year. That’s why there are installed some very cool luminous letters with the name of the city. An ideal place for a souvenir selfie do not miss the town hall, just on the side of the square, a spectacular building!

3) Niagara Falls

Although they are 90 minutes from the city, this natural wonder is a must if you visit Toronto and no doubt it will take place on any list of best things to do in downtown Toronto. Nearly 750,000 gallons of water per second fall from the cliff. They can be seen from the top or approaching on board a boat (Maid of the Mist). You can also venture on a ride called Journey Behind The Falls, which consists of descending 38 meters in an elevator to reach the thick curtain of water.

4) Canadian National Exhibition

It is an annual exhibition focused on Canadian agriculture and technology, but for many the most tempting thing to visit this fair are the food paradises there are.

5) Canadian Times Square

Yonge-Dundas Square is the intersection of two of the most important streets in the city and is the nerve center of Toronto. The square is full of LED screens in the purest Times Square style and, pass at the time you spend, there is always activity.

6) Caribbean festival

In Toronto they take the summer very seriously and that’s why they celebrate the most crowded Caribbean festival in North America. Each year more than two million people attend to see the parades with costumes of vibrant colors and music with Latin rhythm. If you are looking for something fun to do in Toronto, you cannot miss it!

7) Allan Gardens

Inside the park there is a beautiful glass dome that serves as a greenhouse, something like the Palacio Del Cristal del Retiro but in Toronto there are plants inside. It opens every day from 10am to 5pm.

8) Algonquin Park

If you made a general list of all the outdoor activities that you can think of, you would probably find 90 percent of them in Algonquin Park. The first provincial park in Ontario overflows with activities, for all tastes and preferences. In the warmer season, you can camp out in the open, do backpacking, ride a bike or boat, fish, picnick, swim, canoe rapids, and observe wildlife. Then, in the winter, add skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

9) Stratford Festival

It is not always easy to schedule your trip according to the exact dates of a particular festival you want to attend. This is no problem when it comes to the Stratford Festival, the leading classical theater festival in North America, which lasts seven months each year.

10) Hill of Parliament

The hill of Parliament is not only the seat of the government of the nation; It is also a cultural and community center with activities that take place in a truly incredible setting. You can, for example, do yoga on the hill of Parliament. You can also go to the light and sound show that for 30 minutes projects a beautiful and captivating story about the very buildings of Parliament. And there are also more traditional activities.

11) Ottawa River

Northwest of the nation’s capital, the Ottawa River thrives through the Canadian shield. This navigable river, which was once crossed by the original nations and fur traders, is now home to adventure in rapids. In fact, the Ottawa Valley is known as the capital of the rapids of Canada. Simply, get in the boat and have fun.

12) Rogers Center

Opened in 1989 under the name of Sky Dome, the Rogers Center, Toronto’s premier stadium and home to the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team, is a modern and versatile facility. It can accommodate from a few thousand up to 50,000 people and every year inside there are many events, sports, but not only.

13) St. James Cathedral

For more than a century, the impressive tower and the spire of St. James Cathedral characterize the skyline of the city of Toronto. Built in 1793, the Cathedral is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. Inside the cathedral you can also admire the beautiful stained glass windows and an organ of 1888.

14) Yorkville District

Capital of the Canadian hippie movement in the 1960s, Yorkville attracted musicians and artists who performed in the streets and on the premises. This corner of the city still captivates tourists for its particular originality, for its low houses dominated by some skyscraper, and for its vitality, dotted with high fashion boutiques and jewelers partly concentrated on one of its arteries, Bloor Street.

15) Lake Ontario

A relaxing walk admiring the placid waters of Lake Ontario in front of you is what you need after seeing all that I have previously listed. Behind you, you can admire the Toronto skyline. From the waterfront boats depart for the Toronto Islands, small islands that can be seen in the day, from where you can enjoy the best view of the Skyline.

16) The Path

Just like in Montreal, Toronto has its own hidden face to allow the inhabitants to escape the harsh Canadian winter and enjoy the city. The tunnels pass under the buildings and connect to the metro, so that those who go to work do not pass outside but go from the metro to the office via THE PATH. In addition to this, you will find shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, banks, agencies and everything you need.

17) Chinatown

A jump to eight thousand kilometers away, simply by turning the corner. Billboards and signs go from English to Chinese to Korean. Chinatown, wherever you are, does not need many presentations. It may always seem the same, but immersing yourself in Chinese culture is always a good experience, which will give you a taste of China, if you plan to come to me one day.

18) Yonge Street

Yonge Street is the most important street in Toronto, which with its 56 km divides the city into two parts. More than 600 shops, bars, boutiques, restaurants and hotels run along Yonge Street, among the attractions we point out: the Eaton Center Shopping Mall, the Hockey Hall of Fame and Dundas Square; Right on this street is the Toronto Public Library.

19) Edwards Garden in Toronto

The Park is located not far from the central Toronto area and is home to the Toronto Botanical Garden. Inside there are rock gardens and “Butterfly Houses”, where you can admire unique specimens of this beautiful insect, but also isolated paths to be followed calmly, trying to rest the body and move the mind away from the frenzy of the metropolis. Do not miss the theme gardens and floral shows that will open before your eyes.

20) Air Canada Center in Toronto

The Air Canada Center (AT) is the main location for major city events. And among the big events, the lion’s share is surely made up of the home games of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, the city teams of Ice Hockey and Basketball. Both are in their respective championships: the NHL for the Maple Leafs and the NBA for the Raptors.

21) Ashbridge’s Bay Park in Toronto

The Ashbridge’s Bay Park is located in the area of Downtown Toronto and is one of the busiest corners Cittu, especially during hot weather. The park is in fact full of attractions and allows you to meet the needs of both those who want to relax and those who want to practice outdoor sports. Ashbridge’s Bay Park is located along Lakeshore Boulevard East and is open all year; worth a visit even in winter, with meadows and paths covered in snow.

22) Toronto Fair

The MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Center) is the largest and most famous exhibition space for events in the Canadian city. The complex occupies almost two square kilometers, has sixty-four meeting rooms, a theater and two dance halls. The facility annually hosts numerous activities, many of which are of global importance such as’ International AIDS conference and the International Motor Show.

23) Opera House

The Opera House in Toronto was born as a vaudeville theater in Leslieville, one of the historic districts of the Canadian city. Over time, the Opera House has repeatedly changed its “intended use” while remaining faithful to its being a location for shows.

24) Ripley Aquarium

It is located under the CN Tower at the center of entertainment in Toronto. The Ripley Aquarium is home to 16,000 beautiful and exotic species. It offers more than 12,500 square meters of aquatic exhibitions that are very didactic and interactive. Being the Touch Tank the most famous exhibition.

25) Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits the most extensive collection of hockey items from around the world. You can also test your skills in fun interactive games. There are multimedia stations and exhibitions of the most outstanding players in this sport. You can even take a selfie with the famous Stanley Cup, one of the most coveted prizes.

26) Historic Distillery District

It is considered in Canada as a National Historic Site. The Distillery Historic District (Distillery Historic District) is one of the most peculiar neighborhoods in Toronto. Its cobbled streets and Victorian buildings give it that picturesque and charming air. This place was the first distillery in the city during the 1830s. Today, the district has high-quality boutiques, art galleries and renowned restaurants.

27) Casa Loma

It is a mansion built by businessman Sir Henry Pellatt in 1914 to be his private residence. At present, Toronto’s Casa Loma is owned by the city and opened to the public as a museum. This place attracts many visitors from all over the world thanks to its lush gardens, elegant rooms and secret corridors.

28) Royal Museum of Ontario

The Royal Ontario Museum (better known as ROM) is the largest museum of world culture and natural history in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The ROM has extensive art galleries, archaeological exhibitions and natural sciences with an approximate of six million articles.

29) Toronto Islands and Centerville Park

Taking a trip to the Toronto Islands is a beautiful experience during the summer. To get there, you must take a short ferry trip from Queen’s Quay Terminal during the trip you will enjoy a great view of the skyline with the city in the background. There are several options of islands to explore, where you can spend the time on the beaches, have a picnic, enjoy sports facilities, rent canoes, kayaks, bicycles or all of the above.

30) San Lorenzo Market

It is located in the old town of Toronto. The San Lorenzo Market (St. Lawrence Market) has more than 208 years of history. It was even considered one of the best markets in the world by National Geographic. This place, with a long history, houses more than 120 vendors who offer a wide variety of products such as flowers, food, gift shops, etc. There are also art exhibitions and cooking classes.

31) Toronto Eaton Center

The Toronto Eaton Center, is a shopping center located in the heart of the city. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Toronto and is the busiest shopping center in North America. After spending late shopping, you’re sure to want to eat something. You can rest and give your palate a taste in one of its excellent restaurants.

32) Kensington Market

Kensington is one of Toronto’s most multicultural and distinctive neighborhoods. The Kensington Market is full of quirky shops, cafes, restaurants and other attractions. This place has become one of the cultural spaces of Toronto since many artists and writers live there. Nearby, you can also visit Chinatown (Chinatown).

33) Toronto Zoo

With more than 5,000 animals, the Toronto Zoo is the largest in Canada. It has outstanding exhibitions where you can see, among others, species from the African savannah and much more. So you can see animals from all over the world very closely. One of the main attractions is the Giant Panda Experience, which houses the only panda pups in Canada.

34) Ontario Art Gallery

The famous Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the largest galleries in North America. In AGO there are collections that gather more than 80,000 works of art that date from the first century to the present. Among the most outstanding exhibitions are Canadian, African, Oceanic and European art. They incorporate sculpture, photography and traditional painting.

35) High Park

High Park is a large green oasis located in downtown Toronto, it is an ideal park to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It has gardens, nature trails, ponds and streams. There is also a small zoo, swimming pool, children’s play area and picnic area.

36) Science Center of Ontario

The Ontario Science Center offers educational and interactive exhibits for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy scientific discoveries with some technological innovations, which cover the fields of telecommunications, space travel, biology, physics, meteorology, and more.

37) Scarborough Bluffs

It is a scarp located on the edge of Lake Ontario. It is composed of nine parks that cover much of the area of Toronto’s urban waterfront. There you will enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the lake. At its highest peak, the scarp reaches 90 meters above the coast and extends for about 15 kilometers. In this area there are routes for hiking, cycling, picnic areas, and restaurant.

38) Black Creek Pioneer Village

The Black Creek Village Pioneer Village, located north of Toronto, offers an historic outdoor experience ideal for visitors of all ages. Although it is more popular with children. In this magical place recreates the lifestyle of the town during the nineteenth century. You will see artisans, water mills, old-century buildings, a one-room school and many other things.

39) Fort York

Fort York (Fort York) is an ideal place for history buffs. It was established in the year 1793, as a series of military fortifications that protected the city from the end of the 18th century until the end of the Second World War. Today, visitors can observe reconstructions of military drills and participate in the raising of flags.

40) Allen Gardens Conservatory

This is one of the free rides in Toronto. Allen Gardens is one of the oldest parks in Toronto, was created in 1858. In this area there are six greenhouses that are interconnected, a playground and areas to walk your pet without a leash. The greenhouses exhibit exotic tropical plants from all over the world, they are open to the public throughout the year.

41) Canada’s Wonderland Park

It is an amusement park located just outside of Toronto, specifically in Vaughan. It opened in 1981 as the first amusement park in Canada. It has 70 attractions in addition to the Splash Works water park, therefore, it is the largest in the country. The most popular attractions are: Behemoth, Vortex, Leviathan (wooden roller coaster) and Flight Deck (the country’s first inverted roller coaster).

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