Knitted Clothes: Bringing Back Old-School Trends

Knitting is an old-school activity where people manipulate yarn to create fabrics. There are various methods of knitting clothes, while hand-made knits and machine-made knits are the most common forms. So, one might have seen their parents or grandparents knitting clothes during their childhood, but in today’s scenario, people don’t hand-knit clothes as often.

A common vivid memory is one’s beloved giving them a knit sweater. And these sweaters are cosy and have various benefits. Meanwhile, the trend is returning, and people are enjoying wearing these knitted clothes. Thus, this article will focus on understanding the plethora of benefits knitted garments provide.

Characteristics and Advantages

As mentioned, there are many benefits to knitting clothes, and here are some of the prominently observed features and advantages.

  1. i) Versatile: The primary feature of knitwear is that they have a plethora of applications. They’re clothes fancied for every occasion, be it a formal or a casual gathering. So, one can wear a knit top for a casual date and, at the same time, can wear a knit sweater for a formal event. Thus, the wide range of applications of knitwear makes them versatile clothing apparel that people prefer today.
  2. ii) Cosy: Knits are highly comfortable; hence, people wear them for various occasions, as mentioned above. The primary reason for this is that they are cosy. An oversized knit shirt or a sweater is an excellent choice for keeping one warm in air-conditioned environments. Moreover, knits are elastic, implying that they adjust to the movements of the body, and this is highly advantageous to those travelling as it wraps around their body, providing high comfort levels.

iii) Quality: The third most appreciated factor of knitwear is the quality of the fabric. For instance, knitwear is highly wrinkle-free; no matter what one does, the texture of the garment does not wrinkle due to rough handling. This fact is super advantageous to those that need clothes urgently. Another super factor is that knitwear is low maintenance. One does not necessarily need to do anything out of the ordinary to maintain these clothes. Moreover, they do not have to be dry cleaned like they used to back in the day. This is because the quality of the fabric has advanced so much that these clothes are machine-washable, thus, making them highly viable for everyday wear.

  1. iv) Aesthetics: Be it a man or a woman, knitwear looks hot on everyone. So, all one has to do is to find their aesthetics and buy knitwear that suits their style. In the meantime, a study reveals that at least one in three women across the world knows how to knit. As such, the activity of knitting, considered a hobby by many, is becoming a game-changing fashion statement in today’s scenario.

Common Knitwear

  1. i) Sweaters: A knit sweater is very common across the world as they are worn by both men and women. The various features of knitwear make them excellent choices.
  1. ii) Shirts: Another commonly observed product is knit shirts. Oversized shirts are excellent picks for most occasions. Besides, they’re comfortable and also double up to provide heat during cold seasons.

iii) Hats: People also knit hats and caps for everyday wear. These items are something they make when they learn how to knit.

  1. iv) Miscellaneous: They also make other products like tablecloths, towels, handkerchiefs, etc.

As observed, knitting is a highly enjoyed activity by many individuals. It is an old-school classic returning to make a statement in the fashion industry.

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