Petcare: the secret to happy dogs

Pets are truly a gift from the heavens. They not only make our days significantly better, but they also support us in ways that we do not overtly notice. Dogs are the most popular pets in Australian households. At least 3.6 million Aussies have dogs as pets, the statistics being two out of 5 households.

Taking care of dogs is not the most arduous task when considering other pets like rabbits and fish. However, they do have specialised ways of caretaking that need to be followed to remain happy. This can be in the form of their diets, for example. Grain free dog food in Australia is a very popular diet plan for dogs. It could also be in the form of their hygiene or their sleep habits.

Tips to care for your dog: 

  • Hygiene: This is the most important yet the most difficult aspect of caring for a dog. Or any pet for that matter. Baths are one thing they dislike with a passion! However, baths are important as dogs run around a lot and roll on the grass. This means there could be lice and other bugs caught in their coats. Hair slickers can be used to brush their coat down and clear it of bugs. An add on tip is: hair that the dogs shed is rich in nitrogen, so you can use it in enriching your soil!
  • Diet: What your pet eats decides their digestive and excretory quality. There are several kinds of diets–Gluten free, Grain free, large kibble, and single meat protein diets. Grain free dog food in Australia is the most widely preferred diet by dog owners. This diet is special as it does not contain any grains, that is, no corn, maize, barley, etc. This then raises the question, what about carbohydrates? Even dogs need a balanced meal at all times to support the high energy activities. There are several reasons to prefer a grain-free diet for your dog:
    • Grain-free food uses different types of carbohydrates. These are usually potatoes or pea flour.
    • They are easier to digest for the dogs hence avoid complications of loose stools or constipation.
    • They help reduce/avoid allergic symptoms. Dogs usually are specifically allergic to certain types of food–for some, it may be peanuts; for others, it can be maize, corn or rice. In such cases, providing them with grain-free dog food helps avoid allergic reactions like rashes, excessive gas, vomiting, itching etc.
    • Grain free diets also make the dogs less smelly and support better gaseous release.

Grain free dog food in Australia is always available at much cheaper rates in comparison to others. They are also available in different meat combinations like Turkey and Duck, Bacon and Eggs, Chicken, etc. Furthermore, they are also available in different quantities.

  • Exercise: Like human beings, even a dog needs to stay physically fit to stay healthy and happy. A dog needs to stay active for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours per day. Due to the pandemic, it might be difficult for some pet parents to take their dogs out on a walk or run. Making your dog (s) run up and down the stairs, a couple of times is a great exercise for them. Hide and seek, tag and fetch are other easily accessible games indoors that not only get your dog (s) moving physically and provide them with mental stimulation.

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