Four trends in home interior decoration

There are different decoration trends that describe the topicality of those proposals that succeed in interior decoration. This theme constantly evolves with new proposals that are the manifestation of creativity that defines the essence of what adds beauty and comfort to the home. Here we discuss some of the trends that can currently inspire home interior decoration …

1. Crafts

Products made in an artisanal way have a very important value for those who choose a piece with this beauty. At a time when speed and immediacy define the times of reality, artisan creation highlights the pause necessary to give the desired shape to a design that will always be unique, precisely because it has not been mass-produced.

The purchase of handicraft products can also be a manifestation of responsible consumption by those who, through this choice of an item, decide to support the work of those creatives who share their talent through their trade.

The decoration can be the reflection of a philosophy of life. In relation to this section, the Slow Life formula pays tribute to the simplicity of the details that add valuable meaning to the routine.

2. Slow deco

When the daily rhythm is marked by the rush, the immediacy in the achievement of the short-term work objectives, the accomplishment of different tasks, the conciliation, the messages of WhatsApp pending to answer and other questions, the home is transformed into that calm space in which to enjoy that comfort zone that is your refuge.

By linking decoration with the emotional, one of the trends that is gaining prominence today is the determination of different decoration proposals that transmit this calm and harmony at the heart of that space so special to you: your home.

3. Classic Blue

This is the color that will be a trend during this 2020 according to Pantone. A timeless blue shade that will have a great presence in the decoration of the house. An elegant shade that combines with many different colors. Therefore, you can form different combinations from this element. Each New Year comes with the expectation of those novelties that trend lovers follow closely. Well, this is one of the most anticipated novelties of each beginning of the year when in each month of January we know what the tone indicated by Pantone is.

This will be a color that will stand out especially in the catalogs of decoration of household products, textiles and interior design.

4. Author lamps

Lighting is more than a trend, in fact, it is a key need in a home that enhances its beauty through this element. The lighting characteristics of each room are also related to the context itself.

One of the decoration trends is one that is expressed in very creative lamp designs. Original ideas that dress the decoration with designer lamps. An example of a proposal that stands out for the beauty of its lines is the Cesta lamp. One of the decoration trends is to choose more special pieces that stand out in the set and, at the same time, also add personality to a house.

These are, in synthesis, some of the decoration trends in 2020: the use of handicraft products that value this process of creation, the slow deco point of view that highlights calm, author lamps that are special pieces and the blue color transmits its vastness in the home space. What decoration trends are your favorites in this 2020?

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